CEO, Butterball Farms
Author, The SOURCE

Mark Peters

Mark Peters is the Chief Executive Officer of Butterball Farms, Inc., which was nationally recognized as one of The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® from 2015 to 2022. The second-generation family business, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is America’s leading producer of culinary butter and margarine and creates custom butter flavors for some of America’s biggest brands.

Peters began as a factory worker in his father’s company at the age of 12: an experience that taught him first-hand about the challenges that frontline workers face. At 30, he took over the company determined to lead a financially successful business that would also enrich the lives of its workers.

In 2003, he organized a pioneering group of CEOs and community leaders to found The Source, a not-for-profit organization that has helped hundreds of workers navigate personal challenges that were interfering with their jobs and delivered an average annual return on investment of 200 percent to its partner organizations. In 2020, Peters published his first book The SOURCE: Using the Power of Collaboration to Stabilize Your Workforce and Impact Your Community highlighting his journey from concept to creation of The Source.

This West Michigan-based model has been replicated in nearly 10 states; and Peters is currently expanding its mission to help frontline workers not only maintain their jobs but progress into better positions within or across partner companies.

Recognized by numerous companies from Ernst & Young to McDonalds, and most recently Vistage, for his leadership, Peters is an engaging speaker and storyteller who has addressed TED-x and other audiences. He lives in Grand Rapids with his daughter and dog and is an avid diver, boater, biker, and skier.

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