• Marquis Miller, Chief Diversity Officer, City of Chicago
  • Chris Kitzman, Corporate Account Manager, Citrix (moderator)

The pandemic’s impact on Chicago’s plans for capital projects and important workforce development initiatives, spotlighted the need to strengthen internal systems and processes for greater success in certification of MWBEs, contract management and compliance, especially in the construction space and the trades. Chicago’s recent Disparity Study brought forth several recommendations for addressing prime contractor, sub-contractor, and other vendor/supplier issues, as well as implications for improving non-construction/professional services—all tied to economic recovery. Learn what the recommended changes will mean in doing business with the City that you can put to work in your operations, and how a focus/emphasis on IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity & accessibility) can enable improved outcomes for your supply chain (and value chain) organization and professional development. Given that the supply chain industry is facing significant challenges attracting and retaining people, you will learn strategies to improve sustainability, increase access to employment opportunities, and drive equitable economic development.

This presentation was originally broadcast live during Loyola University Chicago's Supply Chain and Sustainability Summit on October 12, 2021.