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Welcome Week Leaders 2016

Each year, Welcome Week Leaders (WWL) help execute the events associated with Welcome Week. They are informed about all things Welcome Week, a great resource for information and advice, and a new friend to our first-year incoming students! Look for our WWL team in their maroon "Welcome Week" t-shirts at Welcome Week events.

Meet our 2017 Welcome Week Leaders! 

Classification: Junior

Majors: Advertising/Public Relations and History

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Favorite Chicago Spot: Lincoln Park in the fall, Millenium Park in the winter 

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Discover Your Chicago 

Things I'm involved in on campus: Alpha Phi Omega, Public Relations Student Society of America, Loyola Students for Life 

Why Loyola: I chose Loyola not only because I wanted an adventure by moving out of state, but because it was a place I felt I could call home. Loyola has so many great connections in Chicago and uses those connections to help their students succeed.


Classification:  Sophomore

Majors:  Finance/ International Buisness

Hometown: Bolingbrook, IL

Favorite Chicago Spot: Grant Park

Favorite Welcome Week Event: All of them! 

Things I'm involved in on campus: Brothers for Excellence Mentor

 Why Loyola: I love chicago and I have always wanted to go school in the city. 

Classification:  Junior

Majors: Marketing

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Favorite Chicago Spot: Boystown

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Silent Disco

 Things I'm involved in on campus: Board of Trustees, Tour Guide, Loyola 360

 Why Loyola: The opportunity to study at the Rome campus, the remarkable business program, and the location--Chicago! 

Classification:  Junior

Majors: Neuroscience & Biology

Hometown: Woodinville, WA

Favorite Chicago Spot: Lincoln Park Conservatory

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trolley Tour and Silent Disco 

Things I'm involved in on campus: Tutor for Chicago Youth Programs and ACE; Loyola Refugee Outreach and Loyola's CLC through Campus Ministry 

Why Loyola: I chose Loyola because the community was welcoming, the campus was gorgeous, and the programs were challenging! I knew it was a place that would help me grow into become a person for others.

Classification: Junior

Majors: Nursing

Hometown: Wilmette, IL

Favorite Chicago Spot: Wrigley Field 

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trip to Target

Things I'm involved in on campus: Student Nursing Association of Illinois, Loyola Orthodox Christian Fellowship, Hellenic Student Association, Overnight/Shadow Host,  Co-ed Intramural Soccer and Volleyball

Why Loyola: Great nursing program and beautiful location on the lakefront!

Classification: Sophomore

Majors: Communications and Film & Digital Media

Hometown: Bellefontaine, OH

Favorite Chicago Spot: Lincoln Park

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Silent Disco  

Things I'm involved in on campus: React to Film club, Habitat for Humanity club, Knitting club

Why Loyola: I wanted to move to a bigger city and Chicago was the perfect place! I immediately fell in love with the campus and was really connected to the school's Jesuit values. At Loyola I'll have the chance for opportunities that I wouldn't be able to have elsewhere.

Classification: Sophomore  

Majors: Social Work, Leadership, and Gender and Women's Studies minor

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Favorite Chicago Spot: Maggie Daley Park

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trolley Tour 

Things I'm involved in on campus: Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, University Chorale, Women in Leadership Loyola, Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness Club, Chicago HOPES for Kids

Why Loyola: I chose Loyola because of the sense of community I felt on campus when I first visited, as well as their commitment to social justice. I am very passionate about social justice and I feel like Loyola does an amazing job at promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality across campus. Loyola had all of the things, and more, that I wanted from a university.

Classification: Sophomore

Majors: Psychology 

Hometown: Park Ridge, IL

Favorite Chicago Spot: Any interesting coffee shops/tea places

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Second City Show

Things I'm involved in on campus: Active Minds

Why Loyola: I have a sister that’s currently a junior here. From visiting her, I learned my way around the campus and found that I really love it and feel at home here. Also, I have always lived right on the border of Chicago and have gone into the city all throughout my life, so I have always loved Chicago, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


Classification: Sophomore

Majors: Mathematics

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

Favorite Chicago Spot: Loyola! 

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Student Organization Fair 

Things I'm involved in on campus: Student Government, Mathematics Club

Why Loyola: I like Chicago and I had been visiting every spring break since my sophomore year in high school.


Classification: Senior

Majors: Nursing

Hometown: Des Plaines, IL 

Favorite Chicago Spot: Millennium Park

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Saturday of Service

Things I'm involved in on campus: Loyola4Chicago

Why Loyola: I chose Loyola for its amazing nursing program. In addition, the variety of organizations they offer was very fascinating to me. 


Classification: Sophomore 

Majors: Information Technology

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Favorite Chicago Spot: Rocks on Thorndale Beach

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Connecting College to Career

Things I'm involved in on campus: Salsa Club, Campus Ministry, Sorority & Fraternity Life 

Why Loyola: I feel in love with the beautiful campus, and it was close to home.

Classification: Junior

Majors: Political Science and minor in Women and Gender Studies

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Favorite Chicago Spot: Grant Park

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trolley Tour

Things I'm involved in on campus: Girl's Academy Chair for Kappa Kappa Gamma fraternity, Secretary of Women in Leadership Loyola, Student Representative on the Jesuit and Catholic Identity Committee of the Loyola University Board of Trustees

Why Loyola: I picked Loyola University Chicago because it has the most beautiful campus on earth, a craving for social justice, an abundance of opportunities, study abroad facilities, empowering professors, and the greatest people you will ever meet. 

Classification: Junior 

Majors: Psychology 

Hometown: Saint Charles, IL 

Favorite Chicago Spot: Gold Coast

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Target Trip and Silent Disco

Things I'm involved in on campus: Alpha Phi Omega 

Why Loyola: I wanted to be close to home since I am very closer with my family and I knew I wanted to be close to a big city like Chicago. Loyola's campus is undeniably beautiful and  overall had everything I wanted in terms of its values, academics, and campus life.  

Classification: Junior

Majors: Biology

Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Favorite Chicago Spot: Andersonville

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Discover Your Chicago

Things I'm involved in on campus: I am a part of the Pre-Dental Association, also I am on the leadership board of the Red Cross Association on campus.

Why Loyola:  I choose Loyola because it is in the heart of Chicago; a city I have grown to love as much as my hometown. Not just the location but the people at Loyola including the students and staff members make Loyola a warm and inviting campus for everyone.

Classification: Junior 

Majors: Marketing

Hometown: Wauconda, IL 

Favorite Chicago Spot: Chinatown 

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trolley Tour

Things I'm involved in on campus: Alpha Kappa Psi

Why Loyola: I find Loyola to be a very liberal, open minded campus that has the perfect combination of the city of Chicago yet still have a community suburb vibe.

Classification: Sophomore

Majors: Neuroscience 

Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL 

Favorite Chicago Spot: Argyle and Chinatown

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trolley Tours

Things I'm involved in on campus: ACE, STARS, STARS LEAD, FYRE, Literary Analysis Research

Why Loyola: I fell in love with the campus and how welcoming it felt. The people were as equally welcoming and friendly that made Loyola feel like a home away from home.

Classification: Sophomore 

Majors: Biology 

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Favorite Chicago Spot: The Art Institute

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trolley Tours

Things I'm involved in on campus: Pre-Vet club, Chi Omega Sorority

Why Loyola: I chose Loyola for the city and the people. The people in the city of Chicago are extremely kind and everyone has been super welcoming! I also chose Loyola for its great biology  program and its wide options curriculum. 

Classification: Junior

Majors: International Relations

Hometown: Woodridge, IL

Favorite Chicago Spot: Chinatown

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Silent Disco

Things I'm involved in on campus: Research Assistant for Dr. Leon, Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc., Kenmore Area E-Board Council

Why Loyola: I love the beautiful, scenic view of the lake Loyola has right at its disposal.


Classification: Sophomore

Majors: Biology

Hometown: Lowell, IN

Favorite Chicago Spot: Lincoln Park Observatory

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trolley Tours

Things I'm involved in on campus: Alpha Sigma Alpha, AMSA, STARS (SDMA Mentor Program), STARS LEAD

Why Loyola: I chose Loyola because of the opportunities that came along with living in a big city. 


Classification: Senior

Majors: Environmental Science

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN 

Favorite Chicago Spot: Navy Pier

Favorite Welcome Week Event: New Year Festival 

Things I'm involved in on campus: Cru, Boxing Club, Bridge to Loyola, LUC Active Minds, Department of Programming

Why Loyola: Loyola felt like home from the moment I came to tour the campus, the environment was beautiful and even more welcoming. I found it easy to fit into the community here and it was very easy to be myself and find many friends. 



Classification: Sophomore 

Majors: Political Science & History 

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Favorite Chicago Spot: Lakeview 

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trolley Tour and Second City

Things I'm involved in on campus: Residence Hall Association  

Why Loyola: I always wanted something different for my college experience and I have always enjoyed Chicago too. Loyola felt right for me when I visited, and I decided then to call it my home for 4 years!



Classification: Sophomore 

Majors: Environmental Studies 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Favorite Chicago Spot: Any beach along Lake Shore Dr.

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trolley Tour

Things I'm involved in on campus: Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team

Why Loyola: I came here for the great environmental programs at the Institute of Environmental Sustainability (IES) and to be in the city. I love how Loyola has a traditional campus (open, green spaces), but is still close enough to downtown Chicago that I can visit after classes and on the weekends.



Classification: Sophomore

Majors: Exercise Science

Hometown: Fontana, WI

Favorite Chicago Spot: The Magnificent Mile

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Walking through the green doors at Convocation 

Things I'm involved in on campus: Kappa Kappa Gamma

Why Loyola:  I chose Loyola not only because of its stunning campus, but also because of how welcoming it is.  Everyone here accepts you for who you are, which is why it instantly felt like home to me.

Classification: Sophomore

Majors: Nursing

Hometown: Westborough, MA

Favorite Chicago Spot: Maggie Daley Park

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Speed Dating

Things I'm involved in on campus: SNAI-L, Alpha Chi Omega, Honors

Why Loyola: I felt at home when I came to campus and I love this city. 

Classification: Senior

Majors: Public Relations and Advertising

Hometown: Cambridge, MA

Favorite Chicago Spot: Bulls Stadium (United Center)

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Water Tower Block Party

Things I'm involved in on campus: SAGA, W.I.L.L., BCC

Why Loyola: As a transfer student I wanted a school that would provide the experiences and education that my old university didn't...and that's what Loyola has done. 

Classification: Senior

Majors: Psychology

Hometown: Chicago, IL 

Favorite Chicago Spot: Wildberry 

Favorite Welcome Week Event: New Year's Festival

Things I'm involved in on campus: SDMA, Bridge to Loyola, ACE

Why Loyola: Loyola is practically in my backyard. I wanted to go to a university where I could recreate myself. 

Classification: Senior

Majors: Theoretical Physics/Applied Math

Hometown: Oak Brook, IL

Favorite Chicago Spot: Magnificent Mile

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Trolley Tours 

Things I'm involved in on campus: LUC Quidditch, Alpha Delta Pi, NSCS, Teaching Assistant, University Research Fellow

Why Loyola: I was originally drawn here because my dad is an alum. However, I fell in love with the small and familial size of the physics department, and have never looked back since.

Classification: Sophomore

Majors: Exercise Science

Hometown: Northfield, MN 

Favorite Chicago Spot: Baseball & The Cubs

Favorite Welcome Week Event: Going through the green doors in Cudahy

Things I'm involved in on campus: Tau Kappa Epsilon(TKE), AMSA, Exercise Science Club, Intramural sports

Why Loyola: I chose Loyola for a variety of reasons. The most prominent reason is for the community. Loyola isn't a big school but also isn't a small school so you get to know everyone on campus including the professors.

Classification: Grad Student at Northwestern

Major(s): Graduate-M.S. in Higher Education Administration & Policy; Undergraduate- 1. Law, Politics, & Society 2. Sociology

Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Favorite Chicago Spot: Chinatown or Oldtown

​Favorite Welcome Week Event:  but looking forward to all the awesome SAGA events!

Fun Fact: I taught middle & high school English in China for a year!


Meet our 2017 Welcome Week Graduate Intern!