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Good Samaritan Policy

Good Samaritan Policy FAQs

At Loyola University Chicago, student safety is paramount. In incidents of crisis or medical emergency, Loyola students are expected to care for themselves and for others in the Loyola community by getting help from appropriate officials even when violations of the Community Standards have occurred. Because the University understands that fear of disciplinary actions may deter requests for emergency assistance, the Good Samaritan Policy was created to alleviate such concerns and reduce hesitation by Loyola students to seek help.

In crisis situations involving alcohol, drugs, and/or sexual misconduct (see below), the University strongly considers the positive impact of taking responsible action when determining the appropriate response for alleged policy violations relating to the incident. This means that no formal University disciplinary actions or sanctions will be assigned to the reporting student(s) for (1) Category A alcohol or (2) Category A or B drug violations relating to the incident. The incident will still be documented, and educational and/or health interventions may be required as a condition of deferring disciplinary sanctions.

This policy does not protect repeated, flagrant, or serious violations of the Community Standards (e.g. abusive conduct, sexual misconduct, distribution of alcohol or drugs, hazing, theft, Good Neighbor Policy violations, property damage, etc.) or violations that caused harm to another person requiring emergency response, nor does the policy preclude or prevent action by police or legal authorities.

Failure of students to take responsible action under this policy where action is clearly warranted and harm results may, in egregious circumstances, constitute “abusive conduct” under the Community Standards and will void all protections under this provision. Please see the FAQs above for more information about the Good Samaritan policy.

Source: Loyola University Chicago Community Standards 2016-17 (link coming soon)

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