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Financial Aid Office

Graduate FAQ

General Questions
  • Who should I contact when I have questions about graduate financial aid?
  • What types of financial assistance are available to graduate students?
Applying for Federal Aid   
  • Who is eligible to apply for federal financial aid?
  • How do I apply for federal financial aid at Loyola University Chicago?
  • When should I apply for federal financial aid?
  • What if I haven't completed my federal tax return yet?
  • What happens after I submit my FAFSA?
  • What if I forgot to sign the FAFSA or if I realize a mistake after I have sent the form to be processed?
Determining Your Award   
  • How is the amount of my aid determined?
  • What is the 'Cost of Attendance'?
Award Notification   
  • How will Loyola's Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) notify me of awards?
  • When will I know what I have been awarded in federal aid?
  • Will my Award package include non-federal aid (scholarships, etc.)?
  • What should I do with the Award Notification package?
Billing & Disbursements   
  • How will I receive my financial aid?
  • How will I receive any excess aid (credit refunds)?
  • When can I expect my financial aid to be credited to my University account?
  • How is my Federal Stafford Loan disbursed?
    1. Required documents/actions have not been completed. The Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) requests documents from you including the Graduate Data Sheet. Other Loyola and non-Loyola offices may also request a response from you before aid can be disbursed. For example, you may need to complete your Federal Stafford or Perkins Promissory Note; you may need to complete your Loan Entrance Counseling; the Student Business Office may require that you clear up a previous balance; your graduate department may need documentation; etc. Once all requested information has been received and processed by the appropriate party your aid will be disbursed.

    2. Your Federal Student Loan or alternative loan funds have not been received by Loyola. First remember your loan cannot disburse from the lender to the school if the Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note (see below) are not complete! If you believe you have completed all required steps, contact OSFA at: gradfinaid@luc.edu regarding your concerns.


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