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Forensic Science Program

B.S. in Forensic Science

Students pursuing the B.S. in Forensic Science degree gain:  

Loyola's strong reputation in the sciences, along with its successful track record in preparing students for the health professions, enables forensic science graduates to begin highly successful careers in this dynamic field.

The Program is fully accredited by The Forensic Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC), one of less than twenty B.S. Programs in the U.S.

This major combines coursework from anthropology, biology, chemistry, criminal justice, mathematics and physics.

   Degree Requirements

The forensic science major requires 88 credit hours of coursework.

Laboratory Science Courses (minimum of 62 credit hours)

Criminal Justice Courses (13 credit hours)

Ancillary Courses (13 credit hours)

Students in this program are required to include the following classes in their curriculum:

Electives (3-4 credit hours)

Students in this program are encouraged to select elective courses from the following list:

In addition to fulfilling major requirements to earn an undergraduate degree, students are required to complete Loyola's Core Curriculum, which teaches them important skills and values. Students also develop their own interests by taking general electives.


Program in Forensic Science
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