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Individual Development and Educational Assessment

The IDEA course/instructor evaluation system was implemented university-wide in Fall, 2013.

About IDEA

Loyola University Chicago uses the Individual Development and Educational Assessment (IDEA) course evaluation system as one component of addressing instruction and student learning outcomes.  The IDEA system has over 35 years of service to colleges and universities focused primarily on improving teaching and learning.  Supported by national norms and data-based research on validity and reliability, the system of course evaluation assists faculty in evaluating teaching in the context of course/curricular goals and student learning outcomes.  The course/instructor evaluation is structured to directly assess teaching behavior and student learning.

Based on years of research, student ratings of instruction focus on specific objectives tied to student learning while recognizing and accommodating variables that impact student perceptions and experiences in a course, such as required course vs. elective.  It incorporates student feedback on their learning, effort, and motivation.  The data-driven results assess instructional effectiveness, instructional strengths, and areas for improvement.  Summary reports provide faculty specific recommendations for addressing areas for improvement, along with normative comparisons.