Loyola University Chicago

Mathematics and Statistics

MATH 100: Intermediate Algebra

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Fundamentals of algebra. Graphs of linear equations, polynomials and factoring, first and second-degree equations and inequalities, radicals and exponents, and systems of equations. Word problems emphasized throughout the course.

A. Angel and D. Runde, Intermediate Algebra for College Students (packaged with MyMathLab), 9th edition. Pearson-Prentice Hall (2011). ISBN-10: 0-32-192737-0, ISBN-13: 978-0321-92737-8.

Chapter 1: Basic Concepts [1.5 Weeks] 
   • Real numbers
   • Order of operations
   • Exponents
   • Scientific notation

Chapter 2: Equations and Inequalities [2.5 Weeks]
   • Solving linear equations
   • Story problems including (rate)(time)=distance and mixture problems
   • Solving linear inequalities
   • Solving equations and inequalities containing absolute values

Chapter 3: Graphs and Functions [2.5 Weeks]
   • Graphs, Functions
   • Linear Functions, Graphs and story problems
   • Slope-intercept form of a linear equation
   • Point-slope form of a linear equation
   • Algebra of functions

Chapter 4: Systems of Equations and Inequalities [1 Week] 
   • Solving systems of linear equations in two variables by substitution and by elimination
   • Story problems

Chapter 5: Polynomials and Polynomial Functions [3 Weeks] 
   • Addition, subtraction and multiplication of polynomials
   • Division of polynomials (not including synthetic division)
   • Remainder theorem
   • Factoring methods (as time permits)

Chapter 6: Rational Expressions and Equations [1.5 Weeks] 
   • Domains, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of rational expressions
   • Work and rate story problems

Chapter 7: Radicals and Complex Numbers [2 Weeks] 
   • Roots and radicals, rational exponents
   • Simplifying radicals
   • Adding, subtracting and multiplying radicals (as time permits)
   • Rationalizing denominators