Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts


A total of 43 credits are required to receive a B.A. in Music. 

Foundation Courses (26)
Course Number Title Credits
MUSC 144 Music Theory I 3
MUSC 145 Musicianship Lab 1
MUSC 244 Music Theory II 3
MUSC 245 Musicianship Lab II 3
MUSC 344 Music Theory III 3
MUSC 345 Music Theory IV 3
MUSC 252 Music History I: Dev. West. Music 3
MUSC 353 Music History II: Gold. Age West. Music 3
MUSC 354 Music History III: Global West. Music 3
  Additional Music Elective 3
Applied Courses (8)
Course Number Title Credits
MUSC 282 Applied Guitar 1
MUSC 283 Applied Organ 1
MUSC 284 Applied Piano 1
MUSC 285 Applied Voice 1
MUSC 286 Applied Violin/Viola 1
MUSC 287 Applied Flute 1
MUSC 288 Applied Cello/Bass 1
Ensemble Music (8)
Course Number Title Credits
MUSC 105 Orchestra 1
MUSC 106 Guitar Ensemble 1
MUSC 107 Chorus 1
MUSC 108 Liturgical Choir 1
MUSC 109 Jazz Band 1
MUSC 110 Wind Ensemble 1
MUSC 289 Chamber Ensemble 1
Senior Capstone Experience (1)
Course Number Title Credits
MUSC 287 Solo Recital 1
MUSC 388 Capstone Project 1

Core curriculum courses

Many courses offered by the DFPA count towards core curriculum credit in Artistic Knowledge and Experience as well as the area of Engaged Learning. 

Course rotations

It’s important to note that while many courses are offered every semester, more advanced  classes are offered less frequently- often once a year, or even every two years. Rotations are subject to change. See your advisor or the director for more information.

Enrollment problems

If you are a major or minor and are trying to register in a class that is full, contact the director as soon as possible to be put on a waiting list. Keep checking LOCUS to watch for drops. Entry to closed classes cannot be guaranteed.


Make sure to check for prerequisites while enrolling. If you have not taken appropriate prerequisites, then do not enroll in the course. The department will remove you from it later, but meanwhile you’ll prevent others from enrolling. See your advisor if your schedule makes it necessary to take courses out of sequence.