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Professors Emeriti and Others

John Bannan. Professor. Ph.D., Institute Superiuer de Philosophie, Universite de Louvain.

Robert M. Barry. Professor Emeritus. Ph.D., Fordham University.

Francis J. Catania. Professor Emeritus. Ph.D., St. Louis University. Areas of research: Medieval philosophy. Philosophy department phone: 773.508.2291. Web page. Email: fcatani@luc.edu.

Suzanne Cunningham. Professor Emerita. Ph.D., Florida State University.

Alfred Gini. Professor Gini holds a dual appointment in the Quinlan School of Business and in the Dept. of Philosophy. Ph.D., Aquinas Institute of Philosophy. Web page. Email: agini@luc.edu. Phone: 312.915.6093.

Peter J. Maxwell. Professor Emeritus. Ph.D., Marquette University.

Diana Meyers. Professor, Ignacio S.J., Ellacuría Chair in Philosophy. (Retired) PhD, City University of New York Graduate Center. Areas of research: feminist theory, ethics, social and political philosophy. Biography & research. Email: diana.meyers@uconn.edu

Thomas O'Brochta. Professor. Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago. E-mail: tobroch@luc.edu.

Thomas Sheehan. Professor Emeritus. Ph.D., Fordham University. 

Kenneth F. Thompson. Professor Emeritus. PhD, Columbia University. Areas of research: early modern philosophy, especially Descartes and Hume, Whitehead, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion.  Biography & research. Email: kthomp2@luc.edu

Richard J. Westley. Professor Emeritus. Ph.D., University of Toronto.

Frank J. Yartz.. Professor Emeritus. Ph.D., St. Louis University. Areas of research: Ancient and Medieval philosophy. Email: fyartz@luc.edu. Philosophy department phone: 773.508.2291.

Professor, Ignacio Ellacuría S.J. Chair in Social Ethics (Retired)

Contact Information:
Website:  http://orion.it.luc.edu/~dmeyers/
E-mail: diana.meyers@uconn.edu


Diana Tietjens Meyers is Ellacuría Chair and Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University, Chicago. In Spring 2003, she was the Laurie Chair in Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University. She works in three main areas of philosophy: philosophy of action, feminist ethics, and human rights theory. Her monographs are Inalienable Rights: A Defense (1985, Columbia University Press), Self, Society, and Personal Choice (1989, Columbia University Press), Subjection and Subjectivity: Psychoanalytic Feminism and Moral Philosophy (1994, Routledge), and Gender in the Mirror: Cultural Imagery and Women’s Agency (2002, Oxford University Press; also available through Oxford Scholarship Online). Her several co-authored and edited books include Being Yourself: Essays on Identity, Action and Social Life (2004, Rowman and Littlefield), which is a collection of her (mostly) previously published essays. Among her many articles and book chapters is her recent “Artifice and Authenticity: Gender Technology and Agency in Two Jenny Saville Portraits,” in Laurie Shrage (Ed.), "You’ve Changed”: Sex Reassignment and Personal Identity (2009, Oxford University Press). 

Professor Meyers is currently writing on three topics: victims’ stories and human rights, art and politics, and psychocorporeal identity and agency.

University of Chicago, A.B., 1969, Philosophical Psycho­logy
City University of New York Graduate Center, M.A., 1976, Philosophy
City University of New York Graduate Center, Ph.D., 1978, Philosophy

Special Research Interest or Field of Expertise:
Feminist Theory, Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy
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