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Adobe Connect Scheduled Maintenance - March 5 at 7:00am (Completed)

Minor Adobe Connect maintenance is performed each Saturday and generally does not require any offline time where the system is unavailable. We will be performing a series of updates based on Adobe’s software releases that required a number of restar...

Klarchek Library Book

Cookies, Coffee, & Conversation with the Dean

Join the Lewis Library staff and Bob Seal, Dean of Libraries, for cookies, coffee, and conversation at Lewis Library on Tuesday, April 22nd from 1-2:30pm.

Klarchek Information Commons
University Libraries
IC Regular Semester Hours
The Klarchek Information Commons is open 24 hours from 10:00am on Sunday through 9:00pm on Friday.
Saturday 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.

8/30 (F) 7 am – 5 pm

8/31 – 9/1 (Sat – Sun) 10 am – 5 pm


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Denim Day

Get decked out in denim

Show your support for sexual assault awareness by getting decked out in denim on April 23 for National Denim Day. Peace Over Violence, a non-profit organization, developed Denim Day more than 15 years ago, but this is the first time Loyola is officially taking part on campus. LEARN MORE

Ramblin’ Around

The Athlete's Foot

Show your Loyola ID and earn a 20 percent discount at the 1540 W. Howard St. store.

Ramblin’ Around

Tricoci University

Show your Loyola ID and earn 25 percent off hair and salon services.

From the Loyola Phoenix

Meet the new USGA president

Flavio Bravo was voted the new president of Loyola's Unified Student Government Association recently, beating opponent Phillip-John Puzzo. Last Friday, Bravo sat down with the Loyola Phoenix to discuss his win and help his fellow Ramblers get to know their new president better. LEARN MORE

Rambler Rundown: WTC Graduation Fair

Rambler Rundown crashed the Water Tower Campus Graduation Fair to ask about students' favorite memories and post-grad plans. Graduating senior Erinn Felix hosts this peppy episode.

Loyola Dining

What's new at Loyola Dining?

The April dining calendar is out and full of fun surprises, including Popcorn Frenzie, Rambler Sundae Tower, Pretzel Party, and more! LEARN MORE

ABI 2014

A different kind of spring break

While many of us spent our spring break relaxing somewhere sunny, numerous Loyola students decided to do something different and participate in Loyola’s Alternative Break Immersion program. LEARN MORE

The Loyola Experience

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