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Corporate and Foundation Relations

Welcome to Corporate and Foundation Relations

As part of Loyola University Chicago’s Advancement Division, the Corporate and Foundation Relations team strengthens relationships between the University and private philanthropic organizations. These relationships are crucial to the support Loyola’s mission of teaching, research and promoting justice.

The Corporate and Foundation Relations team of three professionals proactively pursues relationships with corporations and foundations to support Loyola’s strategic priorities and supports fundraising across the University from corporate and foundation entities. We do so in two major ways:

Centrally managing institutional relationships with top University prospects
Providing technical assistance and consulting to faculty, staff, and units

The Corporate and Foundation Relations team collaborates with other departments within the University such as Major Gifts, Donor Relations, Gift Processing, Office of Research Services, and Sponsored Program Accounting to steward donor relationships and ensure that funding is spent according to donor intentions.

Restricted Foundations and Corporations

In keeping with the Jesuit value of care for the institution, Loyola seeks to capture the full breadth of ongoing relationships with partners in order to maximize relationships across the institution.

We encourage faculty and staff to contact us before reaching out to any private foundation or corporation so that we can update you on the current status of Loyola’s relationship with the entity, including the relationship status, recent contacts or other activity.

The University requires that faculty and staff contact Corporate and Foundation Relations prior to any interactions with Restricted Foundations and Corporations. Corporate and Foundation Relations provides centralized, strategic management for corporations and foundations placed on the restricted list due to various factors, including:

  • Donor preferences (e.g., a family-run foundation is closely engaged with Loyola)
  • Loyola’s presidential and/or Board of Trustees relationships
  • Loyola’s institutional priorities
  • Limited submissions allowed or welcomed by the funder
  • A corporation’s ongoing and/or multifaceted engagement with Loyola or
  • An approval from Loyola’s president is required for submission.

Please contact Corporate and Foundation Relations (cfr@luc.edu) before interacting with Restricted Foundations and Corporations.

Technical Assistance and Consulting

Technical assistance and consulting may include:

  • Identifying and connecting with appropriate funders
  • Project consultation
  • Development of compelling proposals or reports
  • Sponsorship messaging
  • Planning organized visits with funders to discuss projects of relevance to their goals

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact Corporate and Foundation Relations?

Please contact our office for technical assistance or consultation, when you have questions about foundation or corporate funding or want to begin exploring funding opportunities. We can assist with prospect research, outreach to program officers, developing proposals, planning foundation visits or meetings, and more.

Does the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations provide writing/editing support?

Yes. Our team members can serve as proposal consultants for letters of inquiry or proposals requesting foundation or corporate support. We can provide guidance on framing your request, review draft inquiries and draft proposals, and ensure that the language and context align with the audience that will be reviewing your request.

What are Restricted Foundations and Corporations?

The University maintains a list of Restricted Foundations and Corporations, which are centrally and strategically managed by University Advancement. We have “restricted” foundations and corporations due to the nature of the University’s relationship with the funder, because the funder may limit the number of applications that can be made annually, Loyola Board of Trustees connections, particular interests of the funder, or other factors. Please connect with our office at cfr@luc.edu prior to any outreach.

What are “limited submission” funding opportunities?

Limited submissions are funding opportunities whereby a private foundation or corporation limits the number of applications Loyola can submit, which often means accepting one application for any project per year. Loyola’s Office of Research Services manages these opportunities. Please email the Office of Research Services (Lakeside) at ors@luc.edu.

How does the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations differ from the Office of Research Services?

Housed within University Advancement, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations focuses on advancing Loyola’s mission by building and strengthening philanthropic relationships with private, professional foundations and corporations. On behalf of the University, we support relationships for both gifts (i.e., unrestricted support) and grants from private foundations and corporations. We support faculty, staff, and units across the University in developing and submitting the strongest proposals to the most appropriate private foundations and corporations.

Loyola University Chicago has two Offices of Research Services, supporting the Lakeside Campus and the Health Sciences Division. The Offices of Research Services manage proposal submissions for sponsored research and other sponsored projects for all grants, regardless of the funding source.

The private foundation (or corporation) to which I’m applying requires an institutional letter of support, tax determination letter, Board of Trustees list, or other institutional documentation to accompany my proposal. Can Corporate and Foundation Relations help?

Yes, please contact our office for access to the current Board of Trustee list, IRS forms, and other institutional documentation by emailing cfr@luc.edu. We can also help you navigate the process of securing endorsements from the President, Provost, and other institutional leaders.

The award letter says I need to submit progress and/or financial reports. Can Corporate and Foundation Relations help?

When you are awarded a grant, be sure to alert Corporate and Foundation Relations (cfr@luc.edu) and the Office of Research Services (ors@luc.edu) and send us a copy of your award letter. This is the first step in getting assistance with progress and/or financial report. Also, Corporate and Foundation Relations can help with reviewing reports, coordinating/advising on visits with funders, and more.

Who at Loyola needs to know that I am submitting Letter of Inquiry, grant proposal, or sponsorship request to a private foundation or corporation?

It is required that you contact Corporate and Foundation Relations prior to interacting with Restricted Foundations and Corporations. We also welcome faculty and staff to contact us for technical assistance or consult with respect to any other private foundations or corporations.

Please let our office know in advance of submitting a funding request to a private foundation or corporation by emailing cfr@luc.edu. All proposals requiring a line-item budget to a foundation should also be processed through the Office of Research Services systems for Lakeside Campus or Health Sciences Division.

Prior to any fundraising efforts, it is also advisable to ensure that your Dean or administrator is aware of and endorses your project.

I'm new to seeking foundation funding. Are there resources to help me understand foundations?

There are many resources in the philanthropic community that can familiarize you with private foundations and help you get started in seeking funding. We recommend:

  • Forefront (https://myforefront.org/) is a local resource for networking, information, and guidance on seeking philanthropic support in Illinois.
  • The Foundation Center (https://foundationcenter.org/) provides a wealth of resources about foundations, as well as tutorials on proposal writing and creating a budget. The website also provides access to tax returns (Form 990-PF) for foundations. Its Philanthropy News Digest (https://www.philanthropynewsdigest.org) service provides free updates on foundation news and current requests for proposals (RFPs).
  • GuideStar (guidestar.org) provides general information on foundations and not-for-profits, including free access to tax returns (Form 990-PF).
I'm new to corporate partnerships. Are there resources to help with understanding how corporate giving or sponsorship works?
  • NACRO (http://nacrocon.org/) is a network of professionals dedicated to providing professional development opportunities and sharing best practices to those interested in university-industry corporate relations. NACRO offers a range of conferences, webinars, and whitepapers.
  • IEG (http://www.sponsorship.com) is a global consultancy in partnership strategy, evaluation and measurement for leading sponsors and rights holders. They offer publications and, training and conferences on sponsorship best practices, insights and trends.
  • The Alford Group (https://alford.com/services/corporate-impact/) is a consultancy that offers, among other services, strategy consulting in corporate partnership best practices, including a toolkit with advice on prospecting, messaging and valuing sponsorship assets.
  • Sponsorship Collective (https://sponsorshipcollective.com/blog/) is a consultancy with a blog featuring sponsorship best practices.