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95% matriculation rate to medical school

Now accepting applications for Fall 2023!


MAMS is listed as one of the BEST special masters programs in the United States:



Mission Statement

The Master of Arts in Medical Sciences program is a special master's program (SMP) that prepares students to build a compelling medical school application.  MAMS is a record enhancement program and not a career changer program, and as such, all pre-medical prerequisites must be completed.  Our graduate postbaccalaureate is known for the rigor and quality of our coursework leading to a Master's degree.  Also, we have a long-term commitment to advising our students and assist them at every stage of the medical school application process.  We are dedicated to promoting the personal and professional development of each student facilitating their entry and assuring their future success in Medical School. We maintain a student-centered, non-competitive environment that allows each student to capitalize on their strengths as they build their medical school credentials. We are guided by the Jesuit values of “seeking knowledge in the service of humanity; preparing to live in a shared, global community; and building on the desire to always do and become more.”

In support of our mission, Loyola’s MAMS program:

  • Provides students with a high quality educational experience from dedicated faculty recruited from some of the best medical schools in the US.
    • Dr. James Cheverud (Loyola Biology Dept. Chairman) - Washington University School of Medicine; Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.
    • Dr. Dawn Franks (MAMS Program Director) – Rush Medical College
    • Dr. Stefan Kanzok – Yale University School of Medicine
    • Dr. Gerald Buldak – Stritch School of Medicine
  • Offers substantial office hour contact with faculty.
  • Provides premedical advising upon entry to the program, through post-graduation, on every aspect of a student’s medical school application.  Sarah Berkowitz, PhD, MSW is the MAMS Advisor.  Sarah may be reached at sberkowitz@luc.edu.  You may schedule a time to talk with Sarah using her Calendly link here: https://calendly.com/mamsadvising 
  • Provides support for medical school applications with letters of recommendation.
  • Fosters an active community in which students support each other through collaborative learning and group study.
  • Facilitates access to Chicago-area hospitals and clinics with opportunities to work with underserved populations, sensitizing students to social justice issues, especially in regard to the availability of medical care.
  • Offers weekly workshops to familiarize students with individual medical schools, to strengthen their medical school applications, and to discuss ethical issues and social justice efforts with experts in the field.
  • Values diversity in our student, professional and social communities.


All students are expected to apply to medical school following the MAMS program. By completing the program and implementing advice received from the program, students will have strengthened their medical school candidacy by demonstrating to medical schools that:

  1. They can succeed in rigorous science courses
  2. They can secure and maintain a volunteer position in a hospital or clinic
  3. They have successfully completed Loyola University’s pre-health committee process and been awarded a committee letter of recommendation

Matriculation rates to medical schools are determined in three-year cohorts since graduates have individual post-graduate timelines for medical schools. Some student apply immediately after the MAMS program, some apply after a year-long internship following MAMS. The current three-year matriculation rate to medical school is 95%.
Additionally, MAMS student who retake the MCAT after they graduate our program increase 15% percentile points on the exam


Application Deadline
August 1, 2023
Deadline to Enroll for
Applicants Accepted
Before April 15
June 15th, 2023
Deadline to Enroll for
Applicants Accepted
After April 15
July 1st, 2023

Students who are unsure if their application is complete should contact GPEM (Graduate and Professional Enrollment Management) by e-mail at gradapp@luc.edu, or by phone at 312.915.8950.

MCAT Requirements for MAMS Admission:

(Oldest MCAT score considered is 3yrs prior to entrance to MAMS)

  • MCAT: Minimum score 500 in confidence bands.
  • GRE:  Scores must be in the 75% in Verbal Reasoning and at least 50% in Quantitative Reasoning rankings.
  • PA-CAT: Scores for all four subject groups must in the 50% ranking or above.

Advice regarding your application to SSOM from the MAMS Program:

Graduates of the MAMS program have been accepted at more than 75 medical schools across the United States.  Our students often enter the MAMS program with a particular medical school as their first choice - other students have multiple medical schools in mind.  Whichever of the two paths you take, we work with each of our students to help them achieve their goal.  If Stritch School of Medicine is your first choice for medical school, it is important to consider the expectations of the SSOM Admissions Office about third time applicants (see the GI policy from SSOM below).  In this case, it may be a strategic decision NOT to apply to Stritch the year you enter the MAMS program if that application would be your second to SSOM. 

In any given year, about one-third of students starting the MAMS program have an active application to medical school.  Many of these students are successful in gaining admission to medical school, however these applications have been prepared without the expert advising for which the MAMS program is renowned.  The medical school application prepared under the advice of your MAMS advisor is invariably much stronger than one prepared earlier.  While we in MAMS do not have an opinion for or against entering MAMS with an active medical school application, students who apply at the end of the MAMS program often have many more offers of admission giving the student a choice of medical schools to which they can attend.  The decision is entirely yours and we support our students in each case.

Another important factor to consider if you enter MAMS with an active medical school application is that the MAMS program will not support your reapplication to medical school following an acceptance.  That is, if you are accepted to a medical school during your MAMS year, or later, but wish to reapply in order to gain admission to a different medical school, MAMS will not provide a letter for that new application.  This is to maintain our program's credibility with US medical schools.  It would be disingenuous for our faculty to write letters of recommendation to medical schools knowing that the applicant has already been accepted somewhere and has deferred admission in order to reapply.  Thus, it is important to be absolutely sure that you wish to apply prior to starting the MAMS program, and that you are absolutely sure you wish to matriculate to any of the schools on your list.  

SSOM GI Policy (from Assistant Dean for Admissions and Recruitment Student Affairs):

A guaranteed admission interview* will be granted, after degree conferred, at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine for students who achieve a GPA in MAMS of 3.6 or higher and whose MCAT 2015 composite scores are at least 509. MCAT scores may not be older than three years at the time of application.# Guaranteed interview offers are for one admissions cycle only, but may be deferred by one year after graduation from MAMS. If the total score is less than 509, but the confidence band includes 509 within its range, the applicant meets the requirement.

*The executive admissions committee reserves the right to deny or rescind a guaranteed interview or conditional acceptance offer if an applicant has a criminal history or a record of institutional action from an institution of higher education (college or university). Any MAMS applicant meeting the guaranteed interview academic criteria who is denied interview by the executive admissions committee due to criminal history or institutional action has the right to appeal to the Dean of the Stritch School of Medicine. The decision of the dean will be final.

Notice about third applications to SSOM:

Stritch discourages third applications. Students in the MAMS program who have previously applied to medical school are strongly discouraged from re-applying prior to completing their programs. In most cases, the admissions committee will require grades and/or letters of recommendation from the MAMS program before extending an interview. Applicants who re-apply during the first semester of their programs without this information place themselves at risk of being third-time applicants during the subsequent year of potential guaranteed interviews. At large applicants granted interviews prior to completion of MAMS waive their right to a guaranteed interview in a subsequent application year. 

Once you have finished the MAMS program with a GPA of 3.6 or higher and have an MCAT score of 509, you MUST send an email to Dr. Franks (dfranks@luc.edu) to formally request your GI.  Without this formal request, you will not be placed on the SSOM interview schedule and may not receive an interview, even if your grades and test scores qualify.  In this case, your guaranteed interview will be forfeited. Note: neither the SSOM staff nor the MAMS staff will “search” your application to determine whether you qualify for a GI - notification to Dr. Franks by you is required.  Attempting to gain an interview at SSOM by contacting the office directly or by other routes may result in a request for a written explanation for why you did not follow protocol.