Loyola’s Commitment to the Local Community

Loyola University Chicago has committed to serving as an anchor in its local community, known as an anchor mission contributing through economic development, local capacity building, neighborhood revitalization, and community partnerships. During the 2018-2019 academic year, Loyola participated in the Higher Education Anchor Mission Initiative, a 33-member cohort of higher education institutions committed to exploring how to live its anchor mission and collecting benchmark data to identify anchor mission strategies.

Throughout the year, Loyola’s Anchor Mission Task Force, led by Jennifer Clark (Associate Vice President, Campus and Community Planning) and Dr. Patrick M. Green (Executive Director, Center for Engaged Learning, Teaching, & Scholarship) made up of university representatives from all sectors, met to discuss anchor mission strategies and share resources here for University colleagues to support the local communities in which our campuses reside. Loyola committed to participating in the Anchor Mission Learning Network for the next three years, as we continue to dedicate our institution to strengthening the local community.

Images: The Anchor Mission logo and all images containing this logo are original designs by Loyola University Chicago student Ally Moors (Visual Communications, Class of 2021).