The "All Students Prosper If Resources Exist" Scholarship

About the scholarship:

The All Students Prosper If Resources Exist, or ASPIRE, Scholarship was envisioned to fill a need on campus: Increased access to important professional opportunities for undergraduate students. The Center for Engaged Learning, Teaching, & Scholarship, Student Government of Loyola Chicago, and Office of Financial Aid collaborated to develop this scholarship. ASPIRE aims to help financially in-need students complete their university mandated Engaged Learning requirement by lessening the financial burden of these often unpaid opportunities. It would be available for undergraduate students enrolled in qualifying Engaged Learning courses in the Fall, Spring, or Summer academic terms.

In the Fall and Spring semesters, six applicants each term will be awarded a scholarship of $1,500 to be applied to their tuition balance. An award of equal value will be awarded to eight applicants on the Summer term.

Eligibility and Criteria for Selection:

All recipients of the ASPIRE Scholarship must meet the following criteria: 

  • Submission of quality application and pending application review. 
  • Be enrolled in an Engaged Learning Course during the term in which the scholarship is awarded for. The course must be in one of the following Engaged Learning programs: Academic Internship, Undergraduate Research, Public Performance, or Fieldwork. 
    • Have secured an unpaid experience. 
    • Service-Learning does NOT qualify for this award. 
  • Demonstrate financial need as made evident by the Office of Financial Aid, along with a brief (self-disclosed) description from the student. 
  • If awarded the ASPIRE Scholarship the recipient must present at the Spring Undergraduate Research and Engagement Symposium; held on Saturday, April 5, 2025. 
  • If awarded the ASPIRE Scholarship the recipient must create a Learning Portfolio on Digication, highlighting your learning experience in your course and your community agency or research setting.  

Applications and Further Questions:

Applications for Summer 2024 scholarship is now closed. 

Link for Fall 2024 will be opened in Mid-August.

Questions and concerns can be directed to CELTS@LUC.edu

Important dates and deadlines:

Award Application Cycle Open Date Close Date




SUMMER 2024 


FALL 2024



Previous Recipients: 

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