Exhibit Partnership


The Center for Urban Research and Learning (CURL) and the Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA) have worked together to exhibit Richard Wasserman’s photographs and provide additional dimensions to the exhibit through interviews, essays, and an accompanying interactive website.  Utilizing all of the resources and perspectives of a photographer, collaborative university-community social science research center, and art museum, we hope that the multiple facets and impacts of eminent domain come alive for the exhibit visitor and website viewer.  Like many other social issues affecting local communities, eminent domain can be approached in many ways.  Photographs of eminent domain sites tell one story, but government leaders, community advocacy groups, residents, and scholars can fill out these stories to create a whole that provides a rich and “thicker” description of the story of eminent domain – from its planning to its implementation, to its ongoing impact.  Some of these impacts are only recent while others have continued to shape regions and communities for decades.