Loyola University Chicago

European Studies Minor



European Studies Minor Requirements

The European Studies minor requires students to complete six courses totaling at least 18 credit hours.

Required Courses

  • HIST 102 Evolution of Western Ideas and Institutions since 17th Century (3 credits) OR EURO 101 Introduction to European Studies (3 credits)
  • One of the following six courses (3 credits):

    HIST 330 Europe in the Age of Catastrophe, 1900-1945

    HIST 336 Contemporary Europe, 1945 to the Present

    PHIL 309 Classical Modern Philosophy

    PLSC 308 Contemporary Political Thought

    PLSC 347 European Union Politics

    PLSC 360 Western European Politics

Elective Courses

Students must take four electives from the courses listed below. This list is based on courses suggested by the respective department chairs. At least two of the electives need to be at the 300-level. To promote the interdisciplinary nature of the program, no more than two electives may be taken from any one department. In conjunction with the required courses listed above, no more than three courses in total may be taken from any one department and applied to the European Studies minor. In other words, students may not apply HIST 102, HIST 330, and 2 HIST electives to the minor; they may enroll in HIST 102 and HIST 330 as required courses, but if they do they may then only add one history elective from the list. In short, no more than 3 courses, including the required courses, may be taken from any one department and applied to the minor.


Department                                                                            Also Satisfies CAS Core

Course ID      Name                                                              Requirement Knowledge Area       


Classical Studies

CLST 206       Art of Ancient Greece                                                            AKE

CLST 207       Art of the Roman World                                                         AKE

CLST 241       Religions of Ancient Greece

CLST 271       Classical Mythology                                                               LKE Tier 2

CLST 271G    Classical Mythology - Women/Gender Focus                             LKE Tier 2

CLST 271R     Classical Mythology - Rome Focus                                          LKE Tier 2

CLST 274       World of Archaic Greece                                                        HE Tier 2       

CLST 275       World of Classical Greece                                                      HE Tier 2                   

CLST 276       World of Classical Rome                                                        HE Tier 2       

CLST 277       World of Late Antiquity                                                          HE Tier 2

CLST 308       History of Rome to Constantine

CLST 309       Greece to Alexander the Great

CLST 315       Alexander and the Hellenistic World

CLST 316       Western Patristic Thought

CLST 318       Transformations of Rome in Late Antiquity

CLST 328       Pompeii and Herculaneum

CLST 361       Roman Political Theory & Practice

CLST 362       Roman Law

CLST 363       Law and Legislature-Ancient Greece

CLST 373       Daily Life in Ancient Greece

CLST 374       Private Life of Ancient Romans

CLST 378       Sport in Ancient Greece & Rome

CLST 383       The Humanism of Antiquity I

CLST 384       The Humanism of Antiquity II

CLST 385       Hist. Classic Greek Lit. to 200 A.D

CLST 386       History of Classical Roman Literature

CLST 395      Topography of Rome

CLST 490      Topography of Classical Greece

CLST 495      Topography of Classical Italy



ENGL 320      English Lit: Medieval Period

ENGL 321      Intro to Anglo-Saxon

ENGL 322      Chaucer

ENGL 323      Studies in Medieval Literature

ENGL 325      British Literature-The Renaissance

ENGL 326      Shakespeare: Selected Maj Plays

ENGL 327      Studies in Shakespeare

ENGL 328      Studies in The Renaissance

ENGL 329      Milton

ENGL 330      British Lit-Restoration to 18th Cent

ENGL 333      Restoration & 18C Studies in Litr

ENGL 335      British Lit- The Romantic Period

ENGL 338      Studies in The Romantic Movement

ENGL 340      British Lit-The Victorian Period

ENGL 343      Studies in the Victorian Period

ENGL 344      Studies in Modernism

ENGL 345      British Literature-The Twentieth Century

ENGL 348      Studies in 20thC British Literature

ENGL 349      Irish Renaissance

ENGL 360      Studies in Culture

ENGL 367      Modern Drama


Fine and Performing Arts

FNAR 200      Survey of Prehistoric to Renaissance Art                                  AKE

FNAR 201      Survey of Renaissance to Modern Art                                       AKE

FNAR 202      Modern Art                                                                             AKE

FNAR 304      Paris in the Nineteenth Century

FNAR 342      Art in Rome                                                                            AKE

FNAR 343      Baroque Art

FNAR 344      Early Italian Renaissance Art

FNAR 345      High Renaissance and Mannerist Art

FNAR 349      Art and the Catholic Tradition

FNAR 360      Picturing Women in Renaissance and Baroque Art



FREN 200       European Masterpieces

FREN 202       European Novel

FREN 203       European Drama

FREN 203D    European Drama - Discussion

FREN 204       European Film

FREN 270       Main Currents of French Lit I

FREN 271       Main Currents of French Lit II

FREN 301       Stylistics

FREN 302       Business French

FREN 309       Francophone Literature

FREN 311       Survey of 20th Century Lit

FREN 317       Survey of Seventeenth-Century Literature

FREN 318       Survey of 18th Century Lit

FREN 319       Survey of 19th Century Lit

FREN 340       Survey Prose-Fiction & Non-fiction

FREN 390       Culture and Civilization



GERM 270      Modern German Literature and Culture I

GERM 271      Modern German Literature and Culture II

GERM 370      German Cinema


Global Studies

GLST 370       Global Studies Internship (if Europe-focused)                       EL



HIST 102       Evol. of Western Ideas & Inst. since the 17th Century           HE Tier 1

HIST 253A     Barbarians and the Fall of the Roman Empire

HIST 254A     The Vikings

HIST 257A      Witchcraft and Science in Pre-Modern Europe

HIST 258A      Blood, Heresy, and Treason: the Tudors and Stuarts

HIST 265A      The First World War

HIST 267A      Modern German Culture and Ideas I

HIST 267B      Modern German Culture and Ideas II

HIST 300C      Topics in European History (post-1700)

HIST 303        Pre-Industrial City in Europe

HIST 307        Greece to Alexander the Great

HIST 308A      History of Rome to Constantine

HIST 308B      Pompeii and Herculaneum

HIST 308D      Transformations of Rome in Late Antiquity

HIST 314        Renaissance

HIST 314A      The Jesuits: Life and History

HIST 315        The Reformation

HIST 316        History of Poland

HIST 317        The Age of Absolutism and Enlightenment

HIST 318A      Early Modern England 1485-1760

HIST 318B      English Social History 1450-1760

HIST 318C      London 1550 – 1715

HIST 320        Era of the French Revolution and Napoleon

HIST 321        19th-Century European Culture and Ideas

HIST 322        Modern France

HIST 324        Italy 19th & 20th Centuries

HIST 325        Modern Britain: Empire, Industry, Democracy                     

HIST 325A      The British Empire: From Barbados to Brexit

HIST 326        Ireland: From Colony to Nation State

HIST 327A      The Balkans: History, Fiction, Film

HIST 328        Russia pre-1917: Empire Building

HIST 328A      Russian Empire and Literature

HIST 329C      Empire, Sex, Violence: European Colonial History

HIST 329N      Modern European Nationalism: Myth and Reality

HIST 330        Europe in the Age of Catastrophe, 1900-1945

HIST 330F      Fascinating Fascism: 1919 to the Present

HIST 334A      The Nazi Revolution

HIST 334B      The Holocaust: History and Memory

HIST 335        The Second World War

HIST 336        Contemporary Europe, 1945 to the Present

HIST 337        Rise & Fall of the Soviet Union

HIST 337A      Women in Russia and Eurasia: 1860-Present

HIST 338A      History of European Communism

HIST 338B      Eastern Europe in the 20th Century

HIST 339C     Modern Europe and the Arts 


Honors Program

HONR 216B   Encountering Europe



ITAL 250        Composition & Conversation I

ITAL 251        Composition & Conversation II

ITAL 270        Main Currents of Ital Lit I

ITAL 271        Main Currents of Ital Lit II

ITAL 290        The Italians

ITAL 312        Dante-The Divine Comedy

ITAL 317        Survey Early 19th Cent Lit

ITAL 318        Survey Late 19th Cent Lit

ITAL 319        Survey of 20th Century Prose

ITAL 340        Italian Short Story

ITAL 390        Culture & Civilization



LITR 200        European Masterpieces                                                           LKE Tier 2

LITR 202        European Novel                                                                      LKE Tier 2

LITR 221        Polish Authors

LITR 230        German Masterpieces
LITR 264        Italian Film Genre                                                                   AKE

LITR 268R      Italian Culture: Food & Wine

LITR 269        Italy: Culture and Contexts

LITR 280        International Masterpieces: Polish Masterpieces

LITR 281        International Novel: Polish Novel

LITR 282        International Drama: Polish Drama

LITR 284        International Film: Polish Film



MUSC 252      Music History I

MUSC 353      Music History II



PHIL 304        History of Ancient Philosophy

PHIL 305        Medieval Philosophy

PHIL 306        Nineteenth-Century Philosophy

PHIL 307        Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century Philosophy

PHIL 309        Classical Modern Philosophy

PHIL 360        Contemporary European Philosophy


Political Science

PLSC 304        Ancient Political Thought

PLSC 306        Modern Political Thought

PLSC 347        European Union

PLSC 348        Soviet/Post-Soviet Politics

PLSC 349        Eastern European Politics

PLSC 360        Western European Politics

PLSC 365        Italian Politics and Government


Rome Center

ROST 300       Italy: Culture and Contexts



SPAN 270       Introduction to Critical Analysis in Spanish

SPAN 271       Introduction to Iberian Literature and Culture

SPAN 311       Generation of 1898

SPAN 314       Survey of Medieval Literature

SPAN 317       Survey of 17th Century Lit

SPAN 319       Romanticism

SPAN 326       Theater of The Golden Age

SPAN 331       20th Century Poetry

SPAN 340       Survey Prose-Fictnl & Nonfictn

SPAN 341       20th Century Spanish Lit

SPAN 344       Medieval Prose

SPAN 346       Prose of The Golden Age

SPAN 347       Cervantes Don Quijote

SPAN 349       Realism and Naturalism

SPAN 361       Hispanic Women Writers

SPAN 362       History of Hispanic Feminism

SPAN 366       Spanish Cinema

SPAN 368       Baroque and Neobaroque

SPAN 379       Survey-Modernism



THEO 100      Introduction to Christian Theology                                        TRL Tier 1

THEO 317      History of Christian Thought I

THEO 318      History of Christian Thought II

THEO 345      Roman Catholic Social Thought

THEO 348      Protestant Theologians

THTR 365       History and Literature of Theatre II

THTR 366       History and Literature of Theatre III