Loyola University Chicago

European Studies Minor


Completing the minor in European Studies requires 18 credits hours, at least 8 of which must be uniquely applied to the minor. While alternatives may exist depending on study abroad and transfer credits, it is easiest to think of this as requiring six 3-credit classes in total.

Two courses are required while the remaining credits are drawn from over 180 courses offered by more than 18 departments and programs across the university. Students must also complete (obtain) the 104-level in a modern European Language. The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers instruction in French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Russian. If you have obtained such proficiency in a different European language, simply contact me to arrange approval and notification with the Office of Registration and Records.

I. Required: 2 courses (6 credit hours)

1) HIST 102*: Cultures, Powers, and Identities: western ideas and institutions since 1700


EURO 101**: Introduction to European Studies 


2) PLSC 347: The European Union


EURO 301***: European Studies Capstone


II. Electives: 4 courses (12 credit hours)

Students complete the minor by choosing from among the more than 180 EURO-tagged courses offered across the university, many of which are simultaneously tagged with the university’s CORE requirements. This means one can nearly complete the CORE and minor simultaneously through double-dipping (for more, see here). In any given semester, over 100 EURO-tagged courses are typically offered.

For the complete list of courses tagged for European Studies please consult the Course Catalog and to find a list of semester-specific offerings, you can search within LOCUS. A primer on how to conduct such a search is available here.

Additional elective courses may be taken via a study abroad program or through a semester spent at Loyola’s John Felice Rome Center. Several classes at the university's Rome center are already tagged for (i.e., automatically credited toward) the European Studies minor.  Such tags are displayed in the classes attributes visible within the Course Catalog. If you are interested in a Rome Center Course not currently tagged or have classes from a non-Loyola study abroad program you wish to transfer and apply toward the minor, please contact me (chasselmann@luc.edu) for approval.


III. A Modern European Language

Complete at least the 104-level of proficiency in a modern European language, either through instruction or as a native speaker.


While the use of Tracking Sheets is supposedly going away with the introduction of the new Catalog software system in summer 2024, you can monitor your progress towards completion of the minor with the same Tracking Sheet currently used by your advisor and the registrar’s office.  You can download a blank Tracking sheet here: Minor in European Studies Tracking Sheet.



* Through spring 2024, HIST 102 was called Evolution of Western Ideas & Institutions Since the 17th Century. The change is in name only; hence it does not matter which “version” of the course you took.

** At present EURO 101 only exists within LOCUS and has yet to be formally designed or offered.

*** If you are interested in completing a Capstone in European Studies, please contact me to discuss your project and to be enrolled in EURO 301. You cannot self-enroll.