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Impact Storytelling for Data Leaders

Learn to craft a story of impact.

In non-profit and for-profit businesses, leaders want and need data to measure progress and achieve goals. But how can data stewards ensure that the data they manage are leveraged to inform strategic decision-making? How can they ensure data elevate business’ outcomes and impact? The answer is effective storytelling.

This course will introduce data leaders to frameworks to help them craft a story of impact that purposefully integrates data. Participants will leave the course with new tools to help them determine what outcomes to measure, how to measure these outcomes, and ultimately how to use these metrics to tell a compelling story of impact for their audiences.

Additional Info

  • Non-profit and for-profit leaders who regularly work with and/or manage data
  • Leaders who want to increase data literacy skills and more strategically use data to drive decision-making
  • Build and use a basic theory of change to explain intended impact in the short- and long-terms.
  • Define outcomes and outcome metrics to evaluate impact.
  • Discover and apply data visualization methods to convey the important information for making decisions.
Katelyn Jones Katelyn Jones
Guest Lecturer

Upcoming Sessions

Date February 1, 2024
Time 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (CST)
Fee $850

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