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Loyola University Chicago

We are called to Create

a More Just World.

Engage Your Intellect with Hands-on Work, Finding Solutions to Improve Health at Every Stage of Life.

During the pandemic, communities of color were hit hardest by COVID-19.

In Maywood, the Parkinson School listened to the need and took urgent action.

Learn how we are making a difference

The COVID Equity Response Collaborative is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative network of academic, community, public, and institutional partners working toward health justice in local communities most impacted by structural inequity.

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Stories of action

Program Highlight

Hidden Heroes

Global pandemic highlights importance of medical laboratory scientists

Behind each diagnostic test, there is an entire workforce of highly trained, certified professionals that are essential to producing any type of medical results.

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Loyola University Chicago

We are called to Engage

Public health student Sydney Ross applies in-class lessons to real-world scenarios during a global pandemic

As the world grappled with understanding life amidst COVID-19, high school and college students like Sydney Ross were contemplating their future careers.

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From data to practice

Study shows new understanding of how and when human metabolism changes

Parkinson School faculty join collaborative effort to better understand and identify factors that improve population health equity.

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Parkinson Scholars

Alyssa Stuck

Answering the call for leadership, scholarship, and service

As a successful online graduate student, Alyssa shows there are ways to learn off-campus and still find ways to engage in meaningful experiences at Loyola.

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