Loyola University Chicago

Healthy Homes & Healthy Communities

Advisory Council

Beginning in January 2012, the HHHCI continues to strengthen its Advisory Council comprised of public, private, university, and community representatives representing various disciplines and expertise. The Advisory Board helps provide input to develop strategic plans for improving the Initiative, assist in planning and convening a city-wide working conference, and actively participate in the HHHCI research through white papers in their respective field or area of expertise related to healthy homes and healthy communities.

NameDepartment/OrganizationContact Info
Clora Aikens Chicago Department of Public Health, Lead Program clora.aikens@cityofchicago.org
Emily Anderson Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics, LUC emanderson@lumc.edu
John Bartlett Metropolitan Tenants Organization johnb@tenants-rights.org
Emily Benfer Health Justice Project, LUC ebenfer@luc.edu
Patrick Boyle Department of Political Science/Off of the Provost, LUC pboyle@luc.edu
Ellen Chiocca Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, LUC echiocc@luc.edu
Emily Coffey School of Law, LUC emily.coffey@gmail.com
Sheri Cohen Chicago Department of Public Health, Senior Policy sheri.cohen@cityofchicago.org
David Crumrine Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, LUC dcrumrine@luc.edu
Deanna Durica Cook County Department of Public Health ddurica@cookcountyhhs.org
Bruce Gaynes Department of Opthalmology, LUC bgaynes@lumc.edu
Kathleen Getz School of Business, LUC kgetz@luc.edu
Allyson Gold Health Justice Project, LUC agold@luc.edu
Justin Harbison Department of Public Health Sciences, LUC jharbison@luc.edu
David Jacobs National Center for Healthy Housing dejacobsdc@gmail.com
Emile Jorgensen Chicago Department of Public Health, Epidemiologist emile.jorgensen@cityofchicago.org
Eddy Kaka Chicago Department of Public Health, Lead Director eddy.kaka@cityofchicago.org
Katherine Kaufka Walts Center for Human Rights of Children, LUC kkaufkawalts@luc.edu
Cort Lohff Chicago Department of Public Health, Medical Director cortland.lohff@cityofchicago.org
ChaNell Marshall Center for Neighborhood Technology cmarshall@cntenergy.org
Edward Master US Environmental Protection Agency master.edward@epa.gov
Philip Nyden Center for Urban Research and Learning, LUC pnyden@luc.edu
Nicholas Peneff Public Health & Safety, Inc. phsinc3@prodigy.net
Maryse Richards Department of Psychology, LUC mrichar@luc.edu
Peter Rosenblatt Department of Sociology, LUC prosenblatt@luc.edu
David Shoham Department of Public Health Sciences, LUC dshoham@lumc.edu
Rebecca Silton Department of Psychology, LUC rsilton@luc.edu
Maryann Suero US Environmental Protection Agency, Region V, Children’s Health suero.maryann@epa.gov
David Treering Institute of Environmental Sustainability, LUC dgoldb2@luc.edu
David Van Zytveld Center for Urban Research and Learning, LUC dvanzyt@luc.edu
Anita Weinberg ChildLaw Policy Institute, LUC aweinbe@luc.edu