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1. Ashley Barnett Gaudiano

Are Zero Tolerance Policies Worth It? The high cost of zero tolerance for students, families, and society's pocketbook

2. Patrick Bernard Time to Call an Audible: The Need for a Change in Concussion Rules on the Legal Playing Field
3. Lucia Bertone-Ledford Under God?
4. Matt Brunmeier Testing the Outer Limits of the First Amendment in Student Free-Speech Cases: Zamecnik v. Indian Prairie School District #204
5. Amanda Byrne Reading, Writing and Community Service?
6. Kendall L. Coker The Application of the Fourth Amendment in the School Context May Create a Safe Learning Environment for Some but Creates the School-to-Prison Pipeline for Others: The Challenges of Inner City School Violence
7. Michael Conte C.F. v. Capistrano Unified School District: Hostility to Religion Under the Establishment Clause
8. Kristin Corrigan Mental Health Screening in Schools: Child, Parent and the State of Illinois
9. Jim Cummings Lies, Damn Lies, and Test Scores: Nationwide Mistakes and Feasible Solutions in Teacher Evaluation
10. Matt D'Avanzo School District Desegregation and its Impact in Kalamazoo, MI
11. Megan Donohue

Give Kids a Break: The Importance of Recess in Childhood Education

12. Lara A. Elborno & Chaundre S. White IEP Reform: Understanding the 2006 Amendments to IDEA 2004
13. Carter Grant Hope for a Turnaround?
15. Sonje Hawkins Bridging the Gap: Exploring Black Student's Lowered Performances On Standardized Tests and the Possible Link to Lower Academic Performance in Graduate Institutions
16. Daniel Hochbaum Emotional Disturbance and Social Maladjustment: Doing Away with the IDEA's Social Maladjustment Exclusionary Clause
17. Catherine Howlett A Government's Interest in Protecting Its Schoolchildren: An Analysis of Camreta v. Greene and the Fourth Amendment
18. Angela Inzano Cyberbullying, Parents, and the School: Shifting the Discussion From Rights to Responsibilities
19. Ryan June Preventing Sexual Abuse in Our Nation's Schools: The Case for a Federal Qualified Privilege Statute to Protect Schools that Report Sexual Misconduct
20. Grace Kim

Restrictions on Teachers' Speech: What Does It Really Accomplish?

21. Courtney Lane The Benefits of Steroid Testing in Public High Schools
22. Justin Malenius

Too Much Information is a Bad Thing: Keep the Right to Receive Information Out of Public Schools

23. Michael McClain What the DREAM Act Could Mean for Our Schools: The Benefits of Diversity and Acceptance
24. Jonathan Motto The Newest Prom Accessory: Breathalyzer Tests: A Discussion of the Fourth Amendment Implications Raised by Mandatory Breathalyzer Tests at Prom
25. Sheena Payne For-Profit College Regulation: Overdue, Highlights Need for Expanded Public Postsecondary Education Alternatives
26. David Polsky Teaching Conflict Resolution Skills to Students Can Reduce School Violence and Dismantle the School-To-Prison Pipeline by Empowering Students to Resolve Their Own Conflicts In a Cooperative and Constructive Way
27. Brendon Reilly Cyber-Bullying: Freedom of Expression vs. Freedom from Harassment
28. Emlyn Ricketts Repairing the Harm, Rebuilding the Community: Restorative Justice in Chicago Public Schools
29. Abigail Rocap

Dual Language Programs: Best Practice for Linguistic Instruction

30. Tamara Rogers-Gant Whether Mandating Same-Sex Schools will help to minimize the Achievement Gap for Disadvantaged and Minority Students? A Glance at the Advantages and Disadvantages of Same Sex Schools
31. Stephen Samlan The Necessity for a Global Education Curriculum
32. Victoria Shoemaker Who Benefits from the Response-to-Intervention Process?
33. Fred Sparano Cyberbullying
34. Kimberly Thielbar Education in Juvenile Detention Centers
35. Makenzi Travis

Students' Freedom From Unreasonable Searches and Seizures

36. Kenton J. Villano Equally Unprotected: Assessing Whether Evanston Township High School's Former or Future Freshman Honors Curriculum Runs the Risk of Violating Students' Rights
37. Olenka Waite-Wright Caught in the Middle? The Plight of Undocumented Immigrant Children in the United States since Plyler v. Doe
38. Joe Walsh Fixin' Ain't Broke Things: Don't Do It
39. Natalia Walters Minimal Protection of Public School Students' Privacy Under the Fourth Amendment - How Little is Too Little?
40. Alex Warner The Cumulative Benefits of Mandatory Community Service Programs
41. Dan Wharton Limiting Ohio Public Employees' Collective Bargaining Rights and its Effect on Public Education