The Institute for International Law and Practice encourages students to prepare for a career in international law by taking advantage of opportunities to gain experience in the area through summer internships and other positions. It offers grants to students who work during the summer in non-paying or low-paying positions related to international law. Several stipends, in amounts of up to $3,000, are available.

Over the years, students have received grants that have enabled them to work over the summer with international tribunals, NGOs, governmental agencies, and other institutions, in over thirty countries, across six continents.

Students must find their own positions. Preference will be given to students who work abroad over those who work in the United States. There will be a strong preference for those who find international positions working for not-for-profit or government organizations, but other forms of employment providing international experience will also be considered. These grants are primarily limited to JD students but consideration may be given to students in graduate law programs. Awards will only be made to students who have confirmed job offers.