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Telling Your Story

Telling Your Story with Video

Here are a few tips for telling your MAP story to your legislators via video:

Before you film the video to send to your legislator, take some time to think about the best place to film, and think about exactly what it is you want to say. Start the video out by saying, “Hey OFFICIAL’S NAME, I’m YOUR NAME, your constituent, and MAP matters to me because…” You could also say, “Hey OFFICIAL’S NAME, I’m YOUR NAME and I voted for you in the last election. I attend YOUR INSTITUTION NAME, MAP matters to me because… and it should matter to you too.”

If you are a MAP recipient, be sure to say so in your video! How has the lack of MAP funding affected you? If you do not receive MAP funding, mention how your school is feeling the effects, you could also mention friends who receive MAP. Regardless of if you receive MAP or not, talk about why #MAPMatters! - Keep it short and sweet. Aim for less than 90 seconds.

Once you’ve though about what you want to say, its time to film. You can film on your phone, laptop, camera, or whatever you feel most comfortable using. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Shoot the video in landscape. Holding your device horizontally to the floor provides a better view and frames the shot.
  • Don’t film with a window behind you. Have the natural lighting hit your face, not your back.
  • Consider the background noise of where you are filming, your student center might be too loud.
  • Try and say what you need to say all in one shot. You can take multiple shots, but having one solid filming makes it easier to upload, rather than piecing clips together.

Editing should not be too hard at all. Since the video is a simple point and shoot, you may only need to clean up the start and end times of the clip. This can usually be done on your phone. Watch the video and make sure you like it, then you are good to go.

Send the video to your legislator via email. You can find their email online or in the list provided.

Share the video on Facebook and Twitter using #MAPMatters.