Congratulations on your engagement! Loyola University Chicago is pleased that you are considering Madonna della Strada Chapel as the location for your Roman Catholic wedding ceremony. Here is helpful information for those contemplating a wedding in Madonna della Strada Chapel:


  • Initial inquiries are made by emailing Requests should include your preferred date, year, and time as well as the completed Wedding Intake Form attached to the email request.
  • Reservations are being taken for the calendar year 2021 and 2022 only.
  • Reservations for 2023 will be taken beginning January 10, 2022.
  • Please consult page 3 of the Wedding Information Packet which outlines who can be married in the chapel.
  • We cannot offer wedding ceremonies of other denominations or faiths.
  • The chapel is not available for rent.
  • When an MDS Wedding staff member replies to your initial request, please be prepared and patient, there will be a lot of paperwork.
  • Some initial information will need to be completed and your fee paid within 2 weeks of your request.
  • Upon receipt of your wedding fee, the contract will be generated and sent to you for your approval.
  • Any annulment proceedings must be cleared before a reservation can be made. This cannot be negotiated.

Important Information

Download the Wedding Information Packet‌. This packet has policies and information that must be agreed upon for all weddings in Madonna della Strada Chapel.


We have created the Music and Liturgy Planning Form to help review and select your readings and music. When entering information in the form, it will be sent to the Chapel staff who will then follow up with you in regard to your wedding.

Steven Betancourt is the chapel music director and will assist you with all music related planning items. You should be in contact with him between 4 and 6 months before your wedding.

Cookie Krupa is the chapel coordinator and will assist you with all liturgy and rehearsal related planning items. You should be in contact with her between 1 and 2 weeks before your wedding.