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Going medieval on exam stress

Going medieval on exam stress

The participants in HIST 329 Medieval England took to the East Quad this morning to work off some exam week stress. We played Kubb, the (quasi)-medieval lawn game (very similar games are recorded, so who’s to say this one wasn’t played?).

Two “ships” – one Anglo-Saxon (part of Alfred’s navy, of course) and one Viking – are locked in bitter struggle to capture hostages and take out the opposing king. According happily with the historical record, the English won two out of three rounds. 

The culturally- and historically-appropriate trash talking was a great way to vent, and we’re quite sure the healthy intake of vitamin D and oxygen will improve everyone’s performance on exams!

Nice day for a sea battle

The Saxons despair…

…but soon rally

Opposing chieftains use traditional Norse negotiations to see who strikes first:  bjarg, blað, knìfr…

Viking chieftain down

Anglo Saxons win again

Victory, and the crown, shall be England’s!

In a dramatic plot twist, the Vikings accord a sea burial to a noble adversary

The English win (naturally!) 

History 329 (most of us) Spring 2016