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Lecture series

Medieval Studies Lecture Series

...is in abeyance as we figure out how to reorganize during the pandemic.

Stay tuned! We have great plans.

Recent lecture series have covered:


2019-2020: ANIMALS in the Middle Ages

Image credit: Rochester Bestiary (c. 1230); Royal MS 12 F XIII, f. 4r


2018-2019: Medieval ENVIRONMENTS
In conjunction with the Institute for Environmental Sustainability

Medieval River image cropped to 1000X299 pixels


Night, Sleep and Dreams in Medieval Culture


2016-2017:The Supernatural in the Middle Ages



Earlier lecture series have included:

  • The Medieval CITY
  • HUMOR in the Middle Ages
  • SLAVERY and Labor
  • EAST and WEST in Medieval Culture
  • MEDIEVAL GARDENS real & imagined
  • LAST THINGS: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell
  • ENTERTAINMENT in the Middle Ages