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Medieval Studies

Lecture series

Medieval Studies Lecture Series

2022-23: Women, Anger, and Agency

  • October 24:
    Dr. Jennifer Thibodeaux, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
    The Rape of Jeanne Corvier: Anger and Justice in Late Medieval Normandy
    4 pm, SES Room 124
  • November 14:
    Dr. Emily Hutchinson, Mount Royal University
    Women, Space, and Agency in Late Medieval Paris
    4 pm, SES Room 124
  • January 30:
    Dr. Hilary Fox, Wayne State University
    Domestic Dramas: Sarah's Anger in the Old English 'Genesis A' and the Old English Hexateuch
    4 pm, Crown Center Auditorium
  • February 20:
    Dr. Sarah Ifft Decker, Rhodes College
    A Contract of One's Own: Jewish Women, Law, and Agency in the Medieval Mediterranean
    4 pm, Crown Center Auditorium
  • March 13:
    Dr. Carissa M. Harris, Temple University
    "There is no bear so fierce as a women who is refused': Medieval Women's Anger, False Rape Allegation Narratives, and Theri Contemporary Legacies
    4 pm, Crown Center Auditorium
  • April 3:
    Dr. Jennifer C. Edwards, Manhattan College
    Reacting with Christine de Pizan: Medieval Women, Power, and Politics in the Modern Classroom
    4 pm, via Zoom

Recent lecture series have covered:


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Image credit: Rochester Bestiary (c. 1230); Royal MS 12 F XIII, f. 4r


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In conjunction with the Institute for Environmental Sustainability

Medieval River image cropped to 1000X299 pixels


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