Loyola University Chicago

Urban Affairs and Public Policy


Graduate Degrees

The Master of Public Policy (MPP) and the Master of Arts in Urban Affairs (MA), both two-year professional degree programs, are designed to equip students with the expertise and leadership capabilities needed to excel in government, non-profit organizations, or businesses. Both the Master of Public Policy and Master of Arts in Urban Affairs programs contribute to the rich educational tapestry of Loyola, emphasizing practical skills, experiential learning, and a commitment to addressing the pressing issues of our time. 

Master of Public Policy (MPP)

The Master of Public Policy program is tailored for those interested in addressing federal, state, or local government issues. Its curriculum empowers students with an understanding of government programs, the interplay between politics and policy outcomes, the art of designing effective programs, and the skills necessary to assess and evaluate them.  

Societal challenges are intricate, encompassing job growth, affordable housing, educational reform, and environmental degradation, Loyola's MPP program enables students to transform their interest in these issues into actionable analysis and solutions. Internships or capstone projects provide opportunities for students to apply their acquired skills and gain practical work-related experience. 

Master in Public Policy (MPP) 

Master of Arts in Urban Affairs (MA)

The Master of Arts in Urban Affairs takes an interdisciplinary approach to the multifaceted challenges faced by cities, including economic competition, globalization, immigration, and the impact of diversity on communities. This program employs a comprehensive curriculum that integrates theories and analytical tools from various fields to offer diverse perspectives on the causes of urban problems and potential solutions. 

The Urban Affairs program is a professional degree that readies students for technical or leadership roles in government, non-profit organizations, or business. Through coursework and experiential learning via internships or capstone policy clinics, students develop the skills necessary to navigate the complex landscape of urban challenges. 

Master of Arts in Urban Affairs (MA)