Loyola University Chicago

Urban Affairs and Public Policy



In collaboration with Loyola University School of Law, we offer the joint JD/MPP degree program, for students interested in the use of law to shape and enforce public policies and government programs. The curriculum emphasizes advocacy, political considerations, and administrative feasibility, focusing on practical solutions. 

As a student you'll acquire the skills to craft effective solutions from their creation to implementation and enforcement. Serving as an advocate in various settings such as legislative, judicial, or executive arenas, you'll wield legal tools in the service of public interests. Graduates of this program will be well-prepared to navigate diverse professional environments, including courtrooms, legislative offices, and public policy institutes, addressing a wide array of social and regulatory issues. 

Both the JD and MPP degrees offer a curriculum that aligns with individual interests and career objectives. This holistic approach enhances the educational experience, providing graduates with a well-rounded skill set to tackle complex challenges in the realms of law and public policy. 

JD and Master of Public Policy (JD/MPP)