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Bruce Montes

Title/s:  Instructor

Office #:  Lewis Towers 401

Phone: 312.915.6501

Email: bmontes@luc.edu

External Webpage: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brucemontes/


Montes’ teaching at SCPS includes courses exploring social, legal, and ethical issues in computing. He holds a master’s degree in instructional technology from Loyola University Chicago.

Why do you enjoy working with professional degree students?

I’ve worked with professionals from various fields such as K12 teachers, undergraduates, postgraduates, and the public throughout my career. This has led me to a desire to assist the next generation of teachers, tech experts, and leaders in creating a better future. Professional degree students have a unique perspective on the world, and we can all benefit from considering their views and experiences. It is an honor to collaborate with professional degree students.

Recent accomplishments, work, accolades, etc.

Since retiring from full-time IT work in 2020, I’ve focused my interests on technology, teaching, and learning. I teach technology related courses for multiple schools and programs at Loyola University Chicago and at local community libraries. My teaching primarily focuses on two areas: social, legal, and ethical issues related to technology, and instructional design and development.

I’ve been exploring the intersection of people and technology, technology and instruction, and how instruction might contribute to better outcomes related to technology issues we face. For me, education and instruction can solve many problems.

How has your experience at SCPS impacted you as an instructor and professional?

Over several decades, I’ve had the privilege of working with professionals in a multitude of disciplines with a diverse group of learners, from K12 teachers, to graduate and undergraduate students in many majors, and with the public. This journey has led me to where I wish to help the next generation of teachers, technology professionals, and leaders shape a better future. Working for SCPS and their unique learners has been a vital part of my educational journey, keeping me focused on accessible education for all, while being attentive to the community and diverse cultures.

What impact has being an instructor at SCPS had on your community?

Working with a diverse group of leaders and students in SCPS has enabled me to better serve the community. By serving in education programs at local libraries and for the public, I aim to bring this experience to the community.

What are some highlights of SCPS that you will remember going forward?

I am grateful for the chance to have worked with SCPS faculty and administrators, who have made individual efforts to aid every SCPS student in achieving their goals. These faculty members and administrators exhibit a positive outlook on the world through their teaching and service.

What do you want those outside of SCPS to know about SCPS students?

Perseverance is the hallmark of SCPS students. They understand the particular challenges their life paths have offered and endeavor to be the best individuals they can be.


  • M.Ed. in Instructional Technology from Loyola University Chicago
  • B.A. in Communication from Loyola University Chicago