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Ramiza Vulic

Title/s:  Senior Lecturer

Office #:  Lewis Towers 401

Phone: 312.915.6501

Email: rvulic@luc.edu

External Webpage: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramizavulic/


Ramiza Vulic, Senior Director for Academic Business Operations – Strategy & Global Education at Loyola University Chicago, holds an MBA and MS in Accountancy, both from the Quinlan School of Business. She has been teaching CPST 310 Accounting Principles and Applications since 2012 and has also taught CPST 276 – Introductory Finance and Budgetary Best Practices.

Why do you enjoy working with professional degree students?

I enjoy working with professional degree students because they are determined and resilient. I am continuously impressed with how well they handle tough coursework while managing work and family responsibilities. The privilege of contributing to their development and witnessing their progress is a rewarding and fulfilling experience that continuously motivates me in my role.

Recent accomplishments, work, accolades, etc.

In my current role as the Senior Director for Academic Business Operations – Strategy & Global Education, I’ve had the privilege to lead and contribute to several key projects and initiatives, including navigating thought reorganization and implementing a robust financial structure. I’ve placed a strong emphasis on process improvements, enhancing internal controls, and checks and balances. Additionally, I’ve actively mentored and supported our team, enabling them to excel in their roles and streamlining their work whenever possible.  

How has your experience at SCPS impacted you as an instructor and professional?

My experience teaching for SCPS has had a profound impact on both my role as an instructor and my professional development. As an instructor, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with students from diverse backgrounds, helping them grasp the intricacies of accounting principles and applications and budgetary best practices. This experience has taught me to adapt my teaching methods to cater to diverse learning styles and needs, making me a more effective educator in a subject area that I truly enjoy. Professionally, SCPS has provided me with valuable networking opportunities. Interacting with professionals from diverse fields has broadened my horizons and consistently enhanced my expertise by exposing me to different perspectives.

What impact has being an instructor at SCPS had on your community?

In my role, I consistently emphasize the significance of ethical financial reporting when teaching accounting principles and applications and budgetary best practices. I stress how deviations from ethical financial reporting can have devastating consequences for companies and their stakeholders. By instilling these values in students, my aim is to contribute to a community where businesses operate transparently and responsibly, fostering trust, attracting investment, and ultimately enhancing the overall financial health and well-being of the community itself.

What are some highlights of SCPS that you will remember going forward?

Notable highlights of SCPS that I will remember going forward include the diverse and motivated students I’ve had the privilege to teach over the years. Their resilience, enthusiasm for learning, and unique life experiences have enriched my teaching and made every class memorable. The collaborative environment that SCPS fosters among instructors has led to meaningful professional relationships and the exchange of innovative teaching methods. Lastly, the lifelong learning culture that SCPS promotes will continue to inspire me to grow, both as an instructor and as a professional.

What do you want those outside of SCPS to know about SCPS students?

SCPS students are resilient and determined. They often have to manage many responsibilities, like work, family, and other commitments. Despite these challenges, they stay motivated. These students come from various backgrounds and industries, which enhances the learning environment in the classroom. Additionally, many of SCPS students have real-world experience, so they can connect the gap between theory and practice. This makes their contribution to the class discussions particularly insightful and valuable.


  • M.B.A, 2010 and M.S., 2009 in Accountancy from Loyola University Chicago
  • B.S., 1998 from Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago

Courses Taught

"I loved this class. I HATE accounting, but I LOVED this class. I have gained a much deeper appreciation for all that goes into financial statements and filings. Professor Ramiza was very positive, and a perfect combination of strict and funny all rolled into one instructor. I enjoyed this class very much."