Every day, our actions tell the story of who we are and who we could become.

We are called

  • To teach
  • To think differently
  • To ask questions
  • To solve, protect, advocate
  • To serve the greater good

In pursuit of our mission, we seek to write a strategic plan that is our map, one that blazes bold new paths through the ever-changing terrain of our community, nation, and world.

As future generations face a world rife with inequity and divisiveness, a global health crisis, the threat of catastrophic climate change, and other critical challenges we cannot foresee, the transformational power and promise of a Jesuit, Catholic education is more important than ever. At the same time, all colleges and universities must confront demographic shifts and public health challenges that require innovative thinking and investments to ensure our vitality in an increasingly competitive—and changed—marketplace.

In the spirit of magis, we strive to do more for and with others, to leverage our strengths, and seize opportunities to expand our influence for the greater good.

Our strategic planning process reflects the important role every Rambler plays in our University.
The Strategic Planning Steering Committee, with significant and broad input from three campus conversations, two workshops with the Board of Trustees, and ten additional campus focus groups, is helping outline a “living” plan that will increase our agility to respond to rapidly changing situations and needs.

We anticipate this plan will spark our community’s imagination and guide decision-making as we consider how to leverage the distinct Loyola experience and invest to make the greatest impact over the next five years and beyond.

Planning Activities to Date

September 2021 The Plan is launched with a marketing campaign.
June thru September 2021 Implementation Committee finalizes metrics and resources.
June 2021 The Board of Trustees Approves the Plan
April thru June 2021 The Steering Committee finalizes the Plan.
March 2021 The Board of Trustees workshop.
January 2021 thru March 2021 The Steering Committee conducts focus groups with all stakeholders to incorporate suggestions.
September thru December 2020 The Steering Committee meets in whole and small groups to iterate Plan based on feedback and changing circumstances.
August 2020 The Council of Deans and Provostians conduct a retreat to provide input into the Plan.
June 2020 Alumni affinity focus group
March 2020 Board of Trustee workshop
February and March, 2020 Over 275 university community members participated in ten focus groups and provided their thoughts on the format of the plan and initial ideas.
December 2019 Board of Trustee workshop
November 2019 Over 300 faculty, staff and students participated in conversations that were held on each of the three Chicago campuses
October 2019 Kick-off lecture by Dr. Freeman Hrabowski
August 2019 President’s Retreat