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Status Reports

As the process of carrying out Loyola's Plan 2020 plays out, the following reports will provide information on our progress.

As we enter Year Two of Loyola’s strategic plan, Plan 2020: “Building a More Just, Humane and Sustainable World”, our commitment to the plan is evident in everything from investment in plan projects to stories in our various communication channels to being the theme of our November 4th, 2016 Presidential Inauguration for Dr. Jo Ann Rooney, Loyola’s 24th President. 

To date, hundreds of stakeholders across the University have participated in the creation and advancement of Plan 2020. Over the last year, Implementation Committees for each of the four Institutional Priorities are in place, projects supporting Plan 2020 Institutional Priorities are being proposed, and in some cases, approved. The next phase will focus on the specific projects defined in the strategies and tactics in Plan 2020.

The current proposal process sunsets on December 31, 2016. Starting January 1, 2017, new proposals, supported by leadership of schools and divisions, will address specific initiatives and outcomes of the plan. 

‌This status report marks the completion of Year One of Plan 2020. Initial review and assessment discussions occurred at the President’s Leadership Retreat in August on what worked well in Year One of Plan 2020 and where we may want to increase our focus or make adjustments to the plan.

In Year One, in addition to previously approved funding for expenses of strategic initiatives, over 15 smaller projects were approved and provided seed funding by the Implementation and Steering Committee. Several other initiatives were launched as key elements of Plan 2020 as well.

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