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Bioethics Minor


The minor in bioethics requires at least seven courses completed with a grade of “C” or better. The science requirement is satisfied by four courses in biology or three courses in the natural sciences. The ethics requirement is satisfied by completing three courses in philosophy, theology, sociology, psychology, or health systems management. Finally, one interdisciplinary course is required (BIET 395: Special Topics). See below for detailed information about which specific courses satisfy these requirements. Students also must officially declare the minor by going on LOCUS to add the bioethics minor.

Please note that one of the three "ethics" courses must be taken at the 300-level. This means that in addition to BIET 395 one of the three "ethics" courses must be a 300-level course. 


Students will choose one of the following areas to fulfill the science requirement.

Biology (BIOL) (all four)

Life Sciences (any three)


All sections of the following courses count for the minor:

Philosophy (PHIL)

Theology (THEO)

The following courses count for the minor if the specific topic treated relates to bioethics:

Or, choose AT MOST only one of the following HSM, PSYC, or SOCL courses:

* These courses count only when they address topics in bioethics.



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