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The Alternative Break Immersion program

ABI Sites

The Alternative Break Immersion program offers students the opportunity to participate in cultural immersion trips centered around service and learning. Each trip has a different focus that encompasses the social injustices of that region. The trips are offered at different times of the school year at various domestic and abroad locations, and the cost is dependent upon the location. The costs cover transportation, lodging meals, and a donation to the host organization.

Click below to see when Alternative Break Immersions are offered, the regions students can go for their ABIs, and the various issues on which each trip focuses.

We offer trips during winter break, spring break, and the first few weeks of summer break. Each seasonal trip opens the door for students to experience different regions and focuses. The following links lists the trips that are available during different times of the year. Click to see more information about where we send our students and the descriptions of each immersion.

Each trip is different from one another. The following is a list of issues that each trip focuses on. Each place that our students go to focus on a specific issue. Click to see more information about a trip and which area focuses on the issue.

We offer ABI trips in various places from coast to coast. Click to see what city each location has to offer, how much the trip costs, what date they are offered, and what issue each ABI trip focuses on.