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"The real measure of Jesuit Universities lies in who our students become"

In carrying out Loyola's mission, Campus Ministry seeks to promote the development of the whole person with an emphasis on leadership for the church and society. Campus Ministry is looking for students who will come forward to lead and inspire fellow students on this journey of faith doing justice.

According to Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, SJ, the 29th Superior General of the Society of Jesus, the heart of the Jesuit educational tradition is to form students to be “leaders-in-service.” That has been the goal of Jesuit education since the sixteenth century. It remains so today. We believe that this—a “leader in service”—is who you are and who you are becoming. We invite you to take another step forward along that road.

Please reflect upon the following list of opportunities to be “leaders-in-service.”  Feel free to approach any member of the Campus Ministry Team if you need assistance in discerning how God might be calling you to live your faith more deeply.


Interfaith Advocates

Interfaith Advocates Application (log in to LUCentral required)

Interfaith Advocates are a team of students who work with our various faith traditions and denominations on campus. Through large programs, retreats, and small group dialogues, they create safe space for students to explore and explain their faith (and non-faith) experiences. All are welcome to participant and apply! Opportunities to help with year long projects and month-long commitments for large programs are available. For more information about Interfaith Advocates, please contact Tina Cisarik, Graduate Assistant, at 773. 508. 2200 or via email.


CLC Small Group Leaders

CLC Small Group Leader Application (log in to LUCentral required)

CLC Small Groups Leaders are responsible to lead a Christian Life Community of 8-10 new students throughout the 2016-2017 academic year. They lead their peers by creating an atmosphere where students can explore their faith, discover a sense of purpose, build community, and do service together. 

If you are interested in deepening your own faith and learning how to better serve your peers, consider applying today! Applicants should have participated in a CLC (or similar faith-sharing group) for at least one year. For more information, please contact Oliver Goodrich, Campus Minister for Faith Formation, at 773.508.2205 or via email.


Labre Companion


Labre Companion
Leadership on the Labre team involves a deep commitment to issues of homelessness and the dignity of the human person. The mission of Labre is the formation of relationships with the homeless focusing on solidarity, rather than charity; placing emphasis on the relationships rather than on the act of providing food. A Labre companion should be interested in the ministry of hospitality and have significant experience participating in the weekly Labre service. Leaders are expected to serve 4-5 hours a week (including the direct service at the WTC and leader training meetings). While leaders are not required to live at the WTC, it is preferred. Contact Nicole Chmela at 312.915.6467 for more information.


If you are looking for opportunities to be involved with the Alternative Break Immersions, please contact Susan Haarman, shaarman@luc.edu.
If you are looking for opportunities to be involved in Sacramental Life, such as the liturgical choir or sacristan for example, please contact Steven Betancourt, sbetancourt@luc.edu