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Interfaith Programs

Welcome to Loyola’s Interfaith Programs. Our Interfaith Advocates work to create safe spaces for all students to explore their faith and spiritual journeys, facilitate discussions that explore commonalities and differences across traditions, and foster understanding and appreciation through service projects and shared experiences. 

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Faith, Science and Math Interfaith Dinner Dialogues

Thursdays in October
In Damen 240

 Join Interfaith Advocates Matt and Suneet for a series of dialogues focused on how science and faith can compliment one another.

Oct 8th: Reaching for Infinity

Oct 15th: The Science Behind Making Meaning

Oct 22nd: Exploring Self-Transcendence

Oct 29th: The Psychology of Success


Other events upcoming this academic year...

*Watch out for our Big Yellow Couch where our students will be posing big questions to help you reflect on aspects of your spiritual life.

*Join us on the Interfaith Retreat in January over Martin Luther King Jr Weekend. More details to come soon.

Religious Dates