Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the field, the department's faculty have earned PhDs in various disciplines: history, justice studies, law, law and society, psychology, political science, sociology, social psychology, and social work. Their varied backgrounds add diversity and strength to the department and provide students with different insights and perspectives. Quite naturally, the research interests of the faculty have been shaped by their specific academic training and work experiences.

In addition to their academic training, the criminal justice and criminology faculty has extensive administrative and research experience within the justice system. The faculty are involved currently in a number of research activities supported through federal, state, and local grants. These grants provide research opportunities and financial support to graduate students in the department. In addition, many of the faculty serve in advisory capacities to various criminal justice, social service and community-based organizations, which facilitate students’ access to internship opportunities.

Full-Time Faculty

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Garry Bombard, PhD Program Director, Forensic Science Life Science Building 122, LSC 773.508.3676
Chris Donner, PhD Assistant Professor Lewis Tower 926 312.915.6526
Jona Goldschmidt, JD, PhD Professor, Undergraduate Program and Internship Director Lewis Towers 912, WTC 312.915.6299
Robert Lombardo, PhD Associate Professor Lewis Towers 922, WTC 312.915.7565
Arthur J. Lurigio, PhD Professor and Associate Dean Sullivan Center, LSC 773.508.3503
David E. Olson, PhD Professor, Graduate Program Director Lewis Towers 917, WTC 312.915.7563
Loretta Stalans, PhD Professor
Interim Director, Psychology of Crime and Justice Minor
Lewis Towers 920, WTC 312.915.7567
Don Stemen, PhD Associate Professor, Chairperson Lewis Towers 918, WTC 312.915.7570
J. Michael Vecchio, PhD Assistant Professor Lewis Towers 925, WTC 312.915.7539

Part-Time Faculty

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Karl Larsen, PhD Part-Time Faculty
John Maki Part-Time Faculty
Laurel Mazar Part-Time Faculty
Gerald Nora Part-Time Faculty
Michael Rohan Part-Time Faculty
Brandi Vigil Part-Time Faculty
Bernard Ward Part-Time Faculty