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Teaching Assistantship Guidelines

Teaching assistantships provide students with educational and professional benefits, enhancing their pedagogical skills.  Departments and faculty members certainly benefit from the services provided by teaching assistants.  However, the rationale for supporting teaching assistants is centered on the role the experience plays in their professional and educational development.  Students holding assistantships devote their time to a combined program of study and instructional activities.  The stipend received by teaching assistants is in recognition of their service to the university.

The following include best practices for department who have teaching assistants:

Instructional Activities

Teaching assistants support departmental instructional activities.  Depending on the student’s experience and departmental needs, typical assistantship duties include:


All of these activities occur under the guidance of a mentor, either the course instructor or, in the case of teachers of record, an assigned mentor.  The mentoring structure supports the pedagogical component of the teaching assistantship experience.


Assistantship duties should average between 15 and 20 hours per week.  Given the instructional rhythm of a semester, there will be some variation in the actual number of hours spent on assistantship activities per week.  Faculty supervising assistants should develop a general plan of action with their assistants to plot out and monitor the number of hours spent over the course of the semester.

Department Pedagogical Instruction

The Graduate School expects all departments to provide assistants with teaching instruction.  This may occur in a formal course (with a course number) or in an intensive or year-long seminar that is noted on each student’s transcript as a milestone.


Each teaching assistant should be evaluated in writing at the conclusion of each semester.  This evaluation should be based on the observation of the TA in action.  The evaluation should be shared with the TA and placed in the student’s departmental file.

English Proficiency

All teaching assistants with native languages other than American English are required to take an English Proficiency test on campus during the week before school begins.  Based on the results of this test, teaching assistants may be required to take one or two ESL courses during their first semester at Loyola.  This requirement is designed to insure the ability of teaching assistants to communicate effectively in spoken and written English. 


Assistants are required to keep a minimum 3.0 GPA (each semester as well as cumulatively), make progress toward their degree, and perform assistantship duties in an acceptable manner. 


Departments depend on the services of teaching assistants for the period of appointment.  If the assistant must resign his or her position during the course of the academic year, the assistant must follow the following steps:

The assistant’s stipend will be ended upon receipt of the letter of resignation.


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