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Focus on Teaching and Learning

Focus on Teaching and Learning

FOTL is a collaborative effort by several academic-support units to provide an opportunity for sharing effective practice for teaching and learning at Loyola University Chicago.



AUGUST 14, 2014, 8:30am-4pm


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The Loyola University Chicago bi-annual Focus on Teaching & Learning (FOTL) conference is dedicated to the belief that as educators, we can grow and develop by learning through one another. We seek to contribute to a faculty and staff life that involves active scholarship, candid and vibrant collaboration, and innovative activities that reflect the University’s mission. Our hope is that FOTL can support faculty activity at all stages of development, and that work begun through this gathering can continue in myriad ways in faculty life.

The theme of the Fall 2014 semester conference is "Scholarship of Teaching & Learning: Teaching as Inquiry.” This theme is intended to assist us in being intentional about how we teach and to illustrate how research informs decisions regarding teaching methodology.

We are thrilled to be joined by Dr. Peggy Maki, our keynote speaker for the event. Dr. Maki is a higher education consultant who specializes in assisting colleges and universities, higher education boards, higher education organizations, and disciplinary organizations in integrating assessment of student learning into educational practices, processes and structures. She is also a recipient of The Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, a national teaching award.

In her address, Dr. Maki will offer a model for taking a “backward-design” approach to assessing students’ learning that will help raise questions about how and why students learn. Her contention is that becoming knowledgeable about the “hows” and “whys” helps faculty to create curricula using new pedagogies and educational practices that are intentional and research-based.


Tentative Schedule:  

8:30-9:00: 4th. Floor:  Check-in and light breakfast

9:00: 4th. Floor: Welcome--Provost John Pelissero

9:15-10:30: 4th. Floor: Keynote—Dr. Peggi Maki

10:45-11:45: Breakout Session I

  • 4th. Floor: Cement Shoes or Starting Blocks: Reconsidering
    Assessment Strategies to Engage Student Agency:
    Michael Meinhardt, Sherrie Weller
  • Room 215: Using ePortfolios: Michelle Kusel, Shannon Milligan
  • Room 216: Faculty Activity System: Fraser Turner
  • Room 230:  Grouping 1:
    (a) Goals, Essential Concepts and Assessment of a Science Core
    Curriculum: Carolyn Martsberger;
    (b) Why Sanskrit Needs to be Taught: Vijay Shah

11:45-12:45: Lunch & Resource Tables--Donovan Reading Room


12:45-1:15: Breakout Session II

  • 4th. Floor: Developing Character in the Classroom:  Richelle Rogers
  • Room 215: AV Materials for Research: James Conley, William Kent
  • Room 216: Inquiry and the Women & Leadership Archives: Creative
    Collaborations: Pam Morris, Kathleen Maas Weigert, Laura Pearce
  • Room 230: Debate Techniques in the Classroom: Desiree Weber

1:30-2:30: Breakout III

  • 4th. Floor:  Discussing Race: Strategies for Inside and Outside the
    Classroom: Anita Thomas, Anita Weinberg, April Gutierrez
  • Room 215:  Promoting Interprofessional Healthcare Education
    with I-PATH: Ida Androwich, Fran Vlasses, Mary Margaret Sharp
    Pucci, Joanne Kouba, Holly Kramer, Sheila Haas, Patti Friend
  • Room 216: Grouping 2:
    (a) Using Panopto Recordings to Supplement Learning in
    Face-to-Face classes, Robyn Mallett;
    (b) Online Survey Tools, Jack Corliss;
    (c) VoiceThread via Sakai, Jennifer Narula
  • Room 230:  Grouping 3:
    (a) Ignatian Pedagogy: A Rubric Guiding Reflection, Gezinus Hidding;
    (b) Social Media in Higher Education: Implications for Ignatian
    Pedagogy Paradigm, Stacy Neier, Linda Tuncay Zayer;
    (c) Using Ignatian Pedagogy to Explore Civic Professionalism in
    Academic Internship Courses, Danielle Forchette (7 min);

2:45-3:45: Breakout Session IV

  • 4th. Floor:   From Encounter to Transformation: How Ignatian and
    Service-Learning Pedagogy Can Engage Community: Jon Schmidt
  • Room 215:  Grouping 4:
    (a) Writing Active Learning Outcomes: Sarah Morris, Shannon Milligan
    (b) Using Discovery Exercises in the Classroom: Gabrielle Annala 
    (c) Embracing Multimedia & Web 2.0 Tools in ePortfolios,
    Michelle Kusel (7 min)
  • Room 216:  Faculty Activity System (repeat of morning
    session): Fraser Turner

3:45:4th. Floor: Wrap-Up Session






 Because there is food provided throughout the day, we request that you register so we can plan appropriately.

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Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy, Cuneo 400, 1032 W. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60660 ยท 773-508-7390 · facultycenter@luc.edu

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