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Human Resources

Broadband Rate Ranges

A$ 15,000$ 45,000
B$ 25,000
$ 70,000
C$ 40,000
$ 95,000
D$ 70,000

These broadband ranges are established by Human Resources for purposes of administering Loyola's compensation plan. Loyola strives to be a median market-paying employer. This is accomplished, in part, by determining salary levels by comparing the compensation for selected Loyola positions against benchmark positions published in salary surveys. An individual's salary level may be a function of the prevailing market value of the position as well as a function of the individual's years in a position and overall job performance. It is not intended that the potential salary for any one position to necessarily be at or near the band's maximum. Loyola reserves the right to modify or amend the broadband structure and/or to make exceptions as necessary.

Band Categories