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Institute of Pastoral Studies

Faculty & Staff

For general inquiries, call the Institute of Pastoral Studies at 312.915.7400 or send an e-mail to ips@luc.edu.


Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Marian K. Diaz, D.Min. Assistant Professor WTC-LT #647 312-915-7457
Peter L. Jones, Ph.D. Clinical Assistant Professor WTC-LT #635 312-915-7504
Stephen T. Krupa, S.J., Ph.D. Clinical Assistant Professor WTC-LT #630A 312-915-7491
Therese Lysaught, Ph.D. Professor & Associate Director WTC-LT #640 312-915-7485
Daniel P. Rhodes, Th.D. Faculty Coordinator of Contextual Education WTC-LT #638 312-915-7492
Ann Riggs, Ph.D. Clinical Assistant Professor WTC-LT #630B 312-915-7483
Heidi Russell, Ph.D. Assistant Professor WTC-LT #639 312-915-7476
Brian Schmisek, Ph.D. Director WTC-LT #631 312-915-7463
William Schmidt, Ph.D. Professor WTC-LT #641 312-915-7478


Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Mark Bersano Coordinator of Parish Leadership and Management Programs WTC-LT #636 312-915-7428
Gosia Czelusniak IPS Assistant WTC-LT #630 312-915-7400
Gina Lopez Executive Administrative Assistant WTC-LT #634 312-915-7450
Koonal Patel Coordinator of Student Services WTC-LT #633 312-915-7487
Chrissy Sofranko Enrollment Advisor WTC-LT #637 312-915-7484

Emeritae Faculty

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Frances Belmonte Professor Emerita fbelmon@luc.edu
Paul R. Giblin, Ph.D. Associate Professor Emeritus pgiblin@luc.edu
Peter Gilmour, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus pgilmou@luc.edu
Carol Frances Jegen, B.V.M. Professor Emerita
Timothy E. O'Connell, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus
Robert O'Gorman, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Rogorma@luc.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Jerica Arents Adjunct Faculty jerica.arents@gmail.com
Sr. M. Christine Athans, B.V.M., Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty MCATHANS@stthomas.edu
Gianna Baker Adjunct Faculty giannavbaker@gmail.com
Megan Barry Adjunct Faculty 773-508-8592
Michael Bland, Psy.D., D.Min. Adjunct Faculty mjbland773@aol.com
Ken Butigan Adjunct Faculty kbutigan@luc.edu
Peter Buttitta Adjunct Faculty pbutti1@luc.edu
Nicole Chmela Adjunct Faculty nchmela@luc.edu
Joanne Cimbalo Adjunct Faculty jcimbalo@att.net
William Creed, S.J. Adjunct Faculty wcreed@luc.edu
Joshua Davis Adjunct Faculty jdavis20@luc.edu
Charlotte Dillon Adjunct Faculty cdillo1@luc.edu
Tom Drexler Adjunct Faculty tdrexler@luc.edu
Gerard V. Egan Adjunct Faculty jgegan1@yahoo.com
Jeanette G. Egan Adjunct Faculty jgegan1@yahoo.com
Amy Florian Adjunct Faculty amy@amyflorian.com
Sidney Fey Adjunct Faculty sfey@luc.edu
Mary Froehle Adjunct Faculty froehlem@aol.com
Dan Gast Adjunct Faculty dgast@luc.edu
Niles Goldstein Adjunct Faculty nilesgoldstein@hotmail.com
Linda Gorey Adjunct Faculty lorenagorey@gmail.com
Thomas Gorey Adjunct Faculty tgorey@sbcglobal.net
Cam Helkowski Adjunct Faculty ckelkow@luc.edu
Judith Hertz Adjunct Faculty judyhertz@gmail.com
Paul Jarzembowski Adjunct Faculty pjarzem@luc.edu
Andrea Kirksey Adjunct Faculty akirksey@luc.edu
David Lichter Adjunct Faculty dlichter@nacc.org
Anne Luther Adjunct Faculty aluther@luc.edu
Kathryn Lyndes Adjunct Faculty klyndes@luc.edu
Pat Madden Adjunct Faculty pmadden@dioshpt.org
Dean Manternach, Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty Dean.Manternach@clarke.edu; dmanternach@luc.edu
Stephen Martz Adjunct Faculty individuate@att.net
Linda McCray Adjunct Faculty lindamccrayart@gmail.com
Sheila Morrow Adjunct Faculty and Pastoral Counselor smorro@luc.edu
John Murphy Adjunct Faculty jmurphy24@luc.edu
Kevin O'Connor Adjunct Faculty kevin@kevinoc.com
Michael Schorin Adjunct Faculty
Matthew Schwartz Adjunct Faculty mschwartz@boylan.org
Angel Sierra Adjunct Faculty asierra@luc.edu
Daniel Smilanic Adjunct Faculty dsmilanic@luc.edu
Michael Sparough, S.J. Adjunct Faculty msparough@luc.edu
Ronald Stua Adjunct Faculty rstua@luc.edu
Penny Taylor Adjunct Faculty pennyleetaylor@yahoo.com
Natale B. Van Kirk Adjunct Faculty nbvankirk@gmail.com
Evelyn Eaton Whitehead Adjunct Faculty ewhite1@luc.edu
James D. Whitehead Adjunct Faculty jwhite2@luc.edu
Dennis Williamson Adjunct Faculty twilliam@odw.org


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