Loyola University Chicago

Modern Languages and Literatures

Placement Exam

For students wishing to continue studying French, German or Spanish, this online computerized exam helps place them into the most appropriate language course. Average duration is 20–40 minutes. Scores are recorded for future reference, and are valid for 15 months. (Past 15 months, students should retake the exam.)

Students who take this exam must adhere to the Loyola policy on Academic Honesty; test takers should try their best, but not receive help.

This placement exam cannot be used to fulfill a language requirement. To satisfy a foreign language requirement (or "test out" of a requirement), students must take the Competency Exam, which is administered by the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) Dean's Office. To schedule the exam, contact the Dean's Office at 773.508.3500.

Students required to take the placement exam

  • Students who have previously studied either Spanish, French or German and wish to continue studying that language at Loyola.
  • Students who have spoken French, German or Spanish at home, even if they have not formally studied it. These students are termed "heritage speakers."

Students not taking the exam

  • Students who will study a language in which they have no experience. They should enroll in 101.
  • Students studying Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian or Urdu. Exams are not yet provided in those languages. Students with previous experience in the language should be advised by a Modern Languages & Literatures placement coordinator.
  • Students who want to study a language in the future, but not soon. The exam is best taken within a few weeks/months of registering for a course.

How to take the exam

The exam can be taken from any computer with Internet access. The password for the test site is ramblers63 (all lower case, no spaces). After logging in, follow the instructions. Since the first exam results are used for placement, there is no reason to retake the exam. To begin the exam, go to:


If you would like assistance, you can come to the Language Learning Resource Center (LLRC), Crown Center 208, and take the exam during opening hours.

Exam results

Exam results can be printed out. LLRC staff can be contacted to obtain old exam results.


Information on the placement procedure and advising can be found here.


Please direct questions about the exam to Mr. David Pankratz, Director, LLRC, at 773.508.2846 or dpankra@luc.edu.