Loyola University Chicago



Because the nervous system is the organ for behavior, neuroscience cuts across traditional fields in the biological and behavioral sciences. The minor is intended for Loyola undergraduates who plan to attend graduate or professional school in the life sciences. Any Loyola undergraduate who takes the appropriate prerequisites can participate in the interdisciplinary minor in neuroscience.

Course requirements expose students to topics dealing with the nervous system and behavior. The Seminar in Neuroscience provides a forum for integrating this information to understand the complex nature of behavior and its neural basis. The Laboratory in Neuroscience courses train students to use modern neuroscience laboratory techniques in a state-of-the-art neuroscience lab and teaching facility, and expose them to the excitement of the empirical study of the nervous system and its role in behavior. The minor allows students to seek their own basis for integrating the wide range of topics that pertain to the study of the nervous system and exploring the neural basis of behavior.

The interdisciplinary minor in neuroscience offers rich opportunities for neuroscience education at the Lake Shore Campus and at the Loyola University Medical Center through programs at the Parmly Hearing Institute, the Neuroscience and Aging Institute and the neuroscience graduate program.

Students are challenged to understand issues of both basic neuroscience research and its applications, including those related to health care. The overall goal of the interdisciplinary minor in neuroscience is to educate, stimulate and challenge students to investigate the neural basis of behavior.