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Alpha Sigma Nu is the honor society of Jesuit institutions of higher education. The society was founded in 1915 to honor a select number of students each year on the basis of scholarship, loyalty, and service. Alpha Sigma Nu is unique among honor societies in that it seeks to identify the most promising students in Jesuit schools. Inductees demonstrate an intelligent appreciation of and commitment to the ideals - intellectual, social, moral, and religious - of Jesuit higher education. Selection to Alpha Sigma Nu is one of the highest honors that can be given on a Jesuit campus.

Juniors, seniors, graduate, professional, and adult students who are in the top 15% of their class academically (scholarship), and who have a demonstrated record of loyalty (commitment to Jesuit ideals of higher education - intellectual, moral, social, and religious) and service (concern for others shown by activities in support of the institution or community) are considered for membership. Prospective members are nominated by their college/school academic dean's office and invited to apply for membership consideration.

  • Only 5% of students are inducted, as it is the highest honor at Jesuit Institutions including all disciplines
  • Remarkable opportunities for networking with over 74,000 members worldwide.
  • Interaction with other members within the society. This includes your home institution and other institutions that have ΑΣΝ chapters.
  • Enhancing the experience of a Jesuit Education
  • Lifelong membership
  • See more Privileges of Membership

Life-long membership, networks, and collegiality with a remarkable group of people from all 30 Jesuit institutions in the United States, plus one each in Canada and Korea. There are nine active Alumni Clubs and Member Directory online of 42,000 including current names and contact information.

To continue to live the ideals of scholarship, loyalty and service.

Juniors, seniors, graduate, professional, and adult students who rank academically in the top 15% of their class (as of Fall semester) are eligible for nomination. Students must also have distinguished themselves in displaying qualities of loyalty and service. 

  • Undergraduate transfer students must have completed at least 1-1/2 semesters at a Jesuit institution by the time of their nomination.
  • Part-time undergraduate students shall have completed not less than one-half (1/2) of their degree program by the time of their nomination.
  • Graduate students must have completed at least 1/2 of the credit requirements for their graduate degree at a Jesuit institution at the time of their nomination.

ΑΣΝ membership is invitation only. If students meet the criteria described above, they will receive an invitation from ΑΣΝ Selectors. Application requirements may vary by school, college, or institute. For more detailed information, please review ASN Application Requirements by School, College, Institute‌.

Please click here (PDF) for the requirements separated by school/college.

If you are pursuing degrees in two schools (e.g., College of Arts and Sciences and School of Communication) and are nominated by both schools, you must indicate your primary school/college of enrollment and your secondary school/college when completing your ASN application. Your application will be reviewed by the primary school/college that you indicate on your application.

Induction fees for 2022-2023 are $90 for a lifetime membership. This provides for your certificate, an official pin or pendant, and ongoing mailings from Alpha Sigma Nu. This also includes a wonderful induction ceremony. There are no ongoing annual dues. Please contact the Chapter Coordinator if the cost of induction presents a financial hardship.

Yes. This is a recognized and respected credential. Established in 1915, ΑΣΝ is a full member of the Association of College Honor Societies, ACHS.

Yes. The online member directory provides professional contact information, as well as a means to keep your contact and professional information current with Alpha Sigma Nu.


Yes, and they are improving regularly. ΑΣΝ has a membership approaching 100,000 throughout the world with current addresses for about 85% of them. Alumni contact information can be found in the ΑΣΝ online directory.