The Anti-Racism Initiative Advisory Committee, formerly the Anti-Racism Initiative Working Group, is charged with holding the University accountable to moving along the continuum toward becoming a fully- inclusive Anti-Racist institution. The group engages stakeholders in this process by inviting feedback and making their work transparent. The Chair is responsible for updating the Committee on a regular basis on the status of the strategy teams’ work and progress.

Morgan Smith

Co-president of the Black Cultural Center (2021–22)

Char Coates

Co-president of the Black Cultural Center (2021–22)

Connor Elmore

Former Co-President of BCC 2020-21

Jessica Simpson

Founder, White Coats for Black Lives at Stritch Medical School

LaShaunda Reese

Founder and president, Black Graduate Student Alliance

Malik Henfield

Dean, Institute for Racial Justice

Lorna Finnegan 

Dean, School of Nursing

Peter Jones

Dean, Institute for Pastoral Studies

Jeanne Widen

Dean, School of Continuing and Professional Studies

William Rodriguez

Dean, Students

Stephen Watson

Athletic Director

Badia Ahad

Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Amy Nelson Christensen

Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Education and Chair, Anti-Racism Initiative

Margaret Hardigan

Associate Director, Marketing and Advertising

Marshawn Brown

Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion

LaSonja Hill

Loyola Black Alumni Board, MEd ’13

Shykira Richards

Loyola Black Alumni Board VP of Engagement, CAS ’10, MSW ’12

Dana K. Harmon

Clinical Associate Professor, School of Social Work

Jacqueline Scott

PhD, Philosophy, Associate Professor, Assistant Chairperson

Former Members

  • Shay Collins, MA
  • Goutham Menon, PhD
  • Father James Prehn, S.J.
  • Winifred Williams, PhD
  • Michael Kaufman, JD
  • Norberto Grzywacz, PhD
  • Robyn Mallett, PhD
  • Taylor Thomas, class of 2021