Create a safe, respectful, inclusive environment for students, staff, and faculty of color

Inclusive environment

Goal 1: Create a safe, respectful, inclusive environment for students, staff, and faculty of color.

Under the direction of the Chair of the Anti-Racism Initiative, each strategy is developed by a team of members of the Loyola community who work in offices and departments responsible for some aspect of the scope of work within the strategy.  Over the next 5 years, we believe that this goal will be realized through the following three strategies:

Strengthen the relationship between Campus Safety and students. All students, faculty and staff deserve to feel safe on campus and like they will receive equal and fair treatment from Campus Safety.  Activity details will be completed and communicated during the spring semester of 2022.

Revisit student, staff, and faculty conflict resolution procedures and identify areas for improvement.  If we revisit University-wide conflict and dispute resolution procedures for students, staff, and faculty to ensure that current procedures support a racially just climate for all stakeholders, we will enhance the capacity of the University to address a broad range of racial offenses, including microaggressions and other bias-related incidents. This in turn will support a more inclusive, equitable, and welcoming community for all Loyola students, staff, and faculty, and particularly Black students, staff, and faculty. LEARN MORE

Develop a framework and structure for learning and professional development for students, staff, and faculty that supports the interruption of bias and the development of empathy and self-awareness.  If we create a clear definition for anti-racism and a framework for developing as an anti-racist to build a University-wide system for training and professional development, we will see an increased awareness of how to be an anti-racist that will lead to increased belonging, and diversity of students, staff, and faculty of color.  LEARN MORE

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