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Enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in Academic Affairs

Diversity Inclusion

Enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in Academic Affairs

The ongoing strategies for reaching this goal:

As part of a discovery process for Goal 3, all academic units were expected to engage in a Racial Justice Examen in the Spring of 2021 to reflect on their practices in seven domains and identify next steps based on their reflections. Based on the results of the Examen, two necessary strategies were identified in order to reach this goal: the need for a continuous improvement structure, and training and coaching for leadership in managing systemic change towards racial justice.

  • Develop a structure for continuous reflection and improvement towards anti-racism. In order to change practices within academic units so that they are more anti-racist, system-wide structures need to be put in place that communicate an expectation of regular reflection to identify areas of systemic growth and sustainable improvement. Each academic unit will be expected to engage in annual reflection on key data points that lead to proactive strategic planning. Strategy to be set for Fall 2021
  • Provide coaching and support in leadership for racial justice and systems change. In order to support academic units in engaging in ongoing continuous improvement work, leaders throughout the University need support in understanding how to be catalysts for change and hold their staff and faculty accountable to grow and improve towards becoming more anti-racist.Strategy to be set for Fall 2021

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