By establishing a hub for supporting Black undergraduate and graduate students at Loyola University Chicago, we will be able to ensure structural change to positively impact Black students. The new Office of Black Student Success (OBSS) is tasked with protecting, supporting, mentoring, and celebrating our Black students. The goal is to increase feelings of belonging and connectedness among Black students, ultimately improving graduation rates.

To ensure the new OBSS is structured properly to achieve its mission:

  • OBSS locations will be identified on all Loyola campuses
  • An OBSS director and supporting positions will be hired
  • A dedicated OBSS website will be developed to inform and encourage students
  • Collaborations with Advancement will be pursued to secure financial support
  • Grant opportunities will be identified and pursued
  • Coordination with the Wellness Center and Student Success offices will be established to offer expanded support and extended orientations to Black students

Over the next few years, the University will be pushed to adopt structural change in how it serves Black students, protecting and increasing their belongingness in our Loyola community, ultimately leading to improved graduation rates. Long- and short-term goals include:

  • Increased awareness among faculty and staff of Black student needs, policy shifts needed to support them, issues related to retention and graduation rates, and resources relating to learning and student success
  • Increased reports of belonging among Black students in the student climate survey
  • Increased retention among Black students in undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Increased opportunities for Black leadership and access to career services
  • Increasing the four- and six-year graduation rates for Black undergraduate students
  • Increasing the three-six month hiring rate for Black students after graduation


  1. Outline Goals
  2. Short-term goals
  3. Long-term goals