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Bioethics Minor

Information for Biology, Neuroscience & Biochemistry Majors


Science Majors: Did you know that you're only three classes away from a minor in Bioethics?

Consider this:

  • You're already taking BIOL 101, 102, 111, and 112 as part of your major, which fulfills the science requirement for the Bioethics Minor
  • Philosophy 284 (introduction to health care ethics) is the required foundations course for the Bioethics Minor, which is also a tier-2 philosophical knowledge course
  • Now you only need two ethics electives (one at the 300 level) and the Bioethics Capstone course (BIET 395)

Just three more classes and you can:

  • Discuss and debate topics such as stem cell research, global warming, the goals of medicine, genetic screening, population growth, assisted reproductive technologies, the use of animals in research, death and dying, and more
  • Learn critical thinking and writing skills
  • Better understand the social and ethical implications of science and technology
  • Prepare yourself (and your grad school applications!) for a career in medicine, teaching, the sciences, law, and more

For more information about adding this minor, contact the Bioethics Minor Program Director today!

Dr. Jennifer Parks
Phone: 773.508.2308