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General Biology Lab

6 - Green Algae and Seedless Plant Diversity

Red Algae, Green Algae, Bryophytes, and Seedless Vascular Plants

Labs 6 and 7 follow the evolutionary relationships among members of the Plant Kingdom, including their algal relatives. Lab 6 examines the plants that do not produce seeds. You should be able to classify these specimens into their respective phyla. As you look at these specimens and identify their parts, keep in mind the basic pattern of the alternation of generations and the changes that have occurred to allow plants to live on land. For example, in addition to identifying structure and function, ask yourself questions such as, "Is this structure part of a sporophyte or a gametophyte?“, “Are the cells haploid or diploid?” and "Are any of these structures adaptations to living on land?"  As in all exercises, concentrate on those structures in bold face type and those that you were asked to label on your diagrams.

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 ‌  chara-1  chara-2
 living-moss  moss-gametophyte-sporophyte  moss-male-gametophyte
moss-antheridia  moss-female-gametophyte  moss-archegonia
 ‌moss-capsule  fern-sporophyte  fern-sorus-1
 fern-sorus-2  fern-sorus-3  fern-gametophyte-1
 fern-gametophyte-2  fern-gametophyte-3